Iguazu Falls: One of mother nature's best creations

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November 28th 2013
Published: November 28th 2013
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Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls

Sorry folks, lots of waterfall pics here....

We have seen some amazing sights on this trip, but Iguazu Falls is way up there on the list, and a fantastic last spectacle to make a journey out to see, as we only have one week left on this magical trip. Like Machu Pichu, and the other big tourist draw cards in Latin America, it has a wide gamut of people visiting the place, but is well spaced out, and managed efficiently that it is quite a pleasant place to stroll around. However, at this time of year it is damn hot. I thought that 4 months of central american heat would put us in good stead, but, wow it is steaming out this way.

I knew the falls would be spectacular, but did not know what to really expect. After seeing them, i still cannot sufficiently describe the size, beauty, power and noise that they create; to use the weakest, descriptive turn of phrase that i can come up with at the moment, it is absolutely draw dropping...In places throughout the national park the sound of the water pouring over the numerous cliffs is deafening and you are drenched to the bone, in others silence takes place as animals and birds run riot, completely owning the place, despite the thousands of loud tourists walking through their territory sipping on Mate, and flashing cameras in their eyes. I really do not know what further i can say in my limited vocabulary to describe the place (I've done a pretty poor job so far), so will let the photo's show what we saw. One last thing that i will say, is that we got a speedboat that took us into the devil's throat and under the adam and eve falls, completely drenching us, fantastic fun. That footage is on GoPro, and not able to be uploaded atm to the blog.

To get here, we flew from Panama City for 7 hours, seeing another one of mother natures great gifts, the Salar de Uyuni from above. It is amazing how big that salt flat is, and along with the ridge of volcanoes that pierce the outskirts, it was a nice reminder of what we have experienced on this trip so many months ago. Poor Mojo started getting a bit emotional seeing all these things again now that the trip is coming to an end, but wow, we are truly lucky that we have seen them at all!

We spent 5 nights in Buenos Aires, catching up with friends and making new ones, and generally eating large slabs of meat and drinking fantastic red wine. Oh i wish it will never end, but in some ways we are ready to come home....

We will be back In Buenos Aires for 5 nights before the dreaded flight home.

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