Day 9 – New Passport Stamp in Argentina

Published: June 17th 2012
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1: Massive Power of the Falls 26 secs
Rain not mistRain not mistRain not mist

It was pouring.
Day 9 started a bit earlier with a trip to the other side of the Iguaza Falls (as they are spelled in Spanish) as we traveled to Argentina. It was about an hour ride including crossing the border to Argentina. 70+% of the falls lie within Argentina, but you can see them more from Brazil. Once we arrived at the national park, we did a short walk to the train that takes you back to the various walkways along the falls. Just as we got under cover it started to downpour. There was not an inch of blue sky in sight. We fortunately were ready with our ponchos, as we anticipated some overspray from the waterfalls. It rained the entire way out on the path to Devil’s Throat. There were definitely no rainbows to be seen today. The rain was steady, add to this the overspray of the falls, and we were soaked. The view was still amazing. This side of the falls allows you to be at the origin of the falls so you can feel the force or the water and the sound is almost deafening. It is truly a wonder of nature. The rain let up a bit
Two sisters FallsTwo sisters FallsTwo sisters Falls

With 2 sisters, Judy and Betty
for the upper trail, but it was still wet and a bit slippery. Just at the end of the last trail, Judy takes a header on the metal walkway. We were all surprised it took that long with the slippery surface all morning. It did finally stop raining as we were walking back to the van.

We headed back to the hotel with the plan of lying around the pool with the swim-up bar, but with the nasty weather, a nap in the room was a bit more in order. Dinner out for Chester’s birthday (yes, she will not let us forget that) is planned for the evening. The rain pretty much prevents anything we can do outside. Tomorrow Kirsten and Chester head out to Recife and Judy and Betty head home.

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Falls from the Argentina SideFalls from the Argentina Side
Falls from the Argentina Side

Chester and Kirsten. Trying to keep dry
More fallsMore falls
More falls

you can almost feel the power in the picture.
Split AllegianceSplit Allegiance
Split Allegiance

Ane leg in Brazil and one in Argentina.

17th June 2012

Beautiful water falls.....not so good that Judy falls. :-) She must have good bones, not to break anything all these times!!

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