Iguazu Falls - Day 2 - Argentinian side

Published: December 8th 2008
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So after a pretty spectacular day yesterday on the Brazilian side, the Argentinian side of the Cataratas held up the promise to be even better! The National Park on this side is a lot bigger and one really needs a full day to explore and walk on all the different walk-ways and circuits that get you close to the waterfalls! And although there are a lot of tourists here, lot's of groups and people from all over the world, the size of the Park accommodates the masses quite well. The heat however is a different story! It is difficult to be so close to the cool water and yet have to resist the urge to "jump in, to cool off from the stifling heat. But you'll be glad to know that I did resist the urge, and hence you are able to read this blog . But all jokes aside, looking at the falls and listening to the noise of the water is mesmerizing! Luckily we were able to go into the water a little bit when we took a little ferry boat ,which transports people to the island San Martin (an island situated in the middle of the falls) and since the water around the island is quite calm, and a little area is roped of for swimming, it felt great to cool off a bit. A lot of people also choose to join the 10- min boat tours that take you close to some of the falls for a really good soaking. (opted against that, since i figured it was quite expensive to just get really, really wet). The highlight of the day however, was the view of the Garganta del Diablo (devil's throat)! Massive!!!! i hope that the video link works so that you can also hear the sounds that accompany this spectacular sight.

So after two eventful days at the falls, it is back on the bus again today to return to Buenos Aires and then home, sweet home!

What great and diverse country. From the bustling, noisy city of Buenos Aires, to the mountains and glaciers of Patagonia, to the waterfalls and the heat up north, to the mate drinking, friendly Argentine people... to the fellow travelers I met long the way and to the friendships formed by the common bond of those who search to explore new vistas and experience new cultures...what a fantastic trip! (and to think that their is still so much left of Argentina that I did not have a chance to see.... wow... well maybe another time

so long and adios amigos

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the view from the Devil's throatthe view from the Devil's throat
the view from the Devil's throat

and this is the throat!

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