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March 4th 2016
Published: March 16th 2016
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With still no plans of where to go in Argentina i followed the guy who actually had a bit of an idea where he was going, so next on the agenda was Cordoba. No idea of the place but me and Cam separated to different hostels. Cordoba is a big city and so busy but I didn’t feel that I should have been there. No idea why, it might have been the hostel or the fact that when I turned up for a free city tour, I was the only person there and it was cancelled! When I eventually turned up for a tour that had people on it, the references to ‘famous’ Argentinians was lost on me as I had never heard of them. I has planned on being in Cordoba for few days but its a city that has no identity or culture. Looking back I may not had give the place a chance but with my birthday approaching, i wanted to be in a hostel where people talked and be there a day before hand so I could celebrate, after last years birthday when I was on my own in Mongolia. Even now as I look back on Carbide its hard to remember anything interesting. Sometimes when I’ve been to places its the people in the hostel that tell me where to go and see things but for this new city I had nothing apart from walking around getting lost and seeing it. I’ll admit that I did meet an english girl who was travelling, in the hostel and was telling her that I was leaving earlier then I thought to go to Mendoza as I was bored of Cordoba. This is where I think the main bit of travelling for so long kicks in, when you see a city and it might be awesome but my senses were dulled. It was serious that I needed to go home.

Leaving Cordoba I headed to Mendoza, the wine capital of Argentina. The hostel I booked from online was a bit vague but went with the price! I arrived into the room with a bed full of damp paperwork and a towel. The guy that was half sleeping in his bed explained that it belonged to his mate that had his bag dumped in water and was trying to dry it out. Thats when I met Harry and Mike, 2 guys from England who were living the dream and seeing the world at the age of 20 (even though they were only 18 and 19). For some reason we clicked with the same sarcastic humour and drinking ability. I arrived the day before my birthday so I knew that if I was going to see anything of Mendoza it would be now. The city is a calm place with wide avenues and people who smiled. There are so many squares where people just want to chill and relax, no idea who works but it was my sort of place. I got there the day after the Wine Queen had been chosen which was a big affair for the upcoming harvest. Plus they have a vicar to bless the grapes and I missed it all. However I met up with the 2 guys from the room later on and had a couple of glasses of wine which lead to a couple of bottles, thank god its cheap in the wine region!

I woke up next morning knowing it was my birthday and for me it was a celebration that I was still travelling. I woke everyone in the room stating it was my special day and the response was not the best!! Undeterred I carried on with loads of messages on Facebook and when people started to awake and be alive it was now planned to celebrate in style. BBQ and lots of alcohol, there was no way i was going to be silent about my birthday. After buying all the meat and wine (red) from the local supermarket it was time for festivities to begin. I had a table of 8 people who although had been travelling for a while, they knew it was my turn to go a bit wild which I did. I would love to say what happened that afternoon and night but for me it was one of the best birthdays that I’ve had in years. Lots of dodgy conversations and skinny dipping! Say no more….. All I can say is that next day was a write off as I recovered with the rest of the hostel! Awesome people made it a good birthday to remember!

With still no idea where I was heading for, Mike and Harry had said they were heading for Chile and to be honest I don’t really know where I was going so booked a bus with them. I had a whole day to go round the city on my own again and i found out that most roads were closed while Mendoza got itself ready for the proper wine festival, which I didn’t know about. Carnival fever with floats and I was leaving, not sure if that was the right time to leave. I had planned Mendoza as my birthday and that was it1 I feel guilty that I didn't see enough of the place and still in the back of my head that the travelling had become a’burden’ that I can’t relax at all and wanting just to be in a place (my house) and chill on a sofa watching the soaps instead of telling new people all the placed i’ve been to and getting a new country that is now my favourite. Travelling with new people who were so enthusiastic about what they were doing, I was hoping some of it would rub off on me again. Originally the plan was to go south of argentina but everyone seemed to be heading to Chile and with a flip of a coin that where I went….. Patagonia can wait!


16th March 2016

Hello Geordie mate!
Hello pal, loving your blog and all the pics on Facebook mate. Maybe you'll find the time to travel to Hamilton, Scotland one day to see all of us. Don't worry as we have a guest room 😃 take care and stay safe mate 🍺
18th March 2016

Sorry darling forget your birthday wishes tracey broke her leg following your blog avidly xxxxx

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