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February 11th 2009
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From BA the four of us travelled overnight for 12 hours on a bus to Mendoza, a popular holiday destination for the Portenos. We stayed in the Damajuna hostel and did some adventure activities and wine tours. The wine tour was pretty boring but I enjoyed the cycling. Adventure activities included zip-lining and white water rafting in grade 3 and 4 rapids. The rafting was deadly and definitely something I want to do again. Donagh's mate Paul was way out his depth and looked like a washed up fisherman from a fisherman’s friend advert throughout. The zip-lining was cool aswell but I wouldn't bother doing it again.

We went to see a football game in Mendoza which was part of a summer league that neither team really cared about. Riverplate were playing against Racing. The game was pretty shit and the standard of football was real low. Riverplate had rested a few of their key players so it obviously wasn't very important to them. Mendoza is a real nice town at the foot of the Andes. The street we stayed on was lined with nice bars and restaurants and the surrounding neighbourhood was real nice. Hostels all over South America are generally in nice areas, so sometimes you may think a town is nicer than it really is. Anna Lynch is the proprietor of vineyard here which would be a real nice asset.

Fresh hit the headlines in Mendoza and cracked me up abusing everyone within earshot and knocking a table that seated 15 people. The height of his antics were after abusing an amateur boxer from Liverpool all day, he called his sister a slut and the boxer had had enough. Fresh after apologising profusely was back smacking him on the arse with a hurley 10 minutes later. Fucking hilarious, all that came out of his mouth was abuse. I met an Argentinean chick here who I went for dinner with one night. She was nice from Buenos Aries, but we could only kiss afterwards cause she wasn't up for being pumped in public. She was gone the next morning and I hadn't got her details which was a shame especially cause I was going back to BA. That’s another feature of hostel life.

We met two Dubs here aswell Laura and Carla. Carla was the dumbest person I met in South America, even dumber than the girl I met in Rio who asked us if the Christ statue was a natural or man made wonder of the world. To empahise Carla’s stupidity, we were playing a quiz one night and Carla during which uncharacteristically quite. Towards the end we pressured her to answer the question, what is the Southern most capital city in the world. I don’t understand the question she answered, so we repeated the question and she repeated her answer with a blank expression on her face. So we explained…. Every country in the world has a capital city and what we need to know is which city lies at the point furthest south on the globe? The answer was Wellington


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