Published: May 31st 2012
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I did bring a journal to write stuff down, and after the 1st day it´s been neglected for 4 months. As a result I´ve forgotten a load of things, so back to the beginning we go.

In Brazil, on Ilha Grande, when cooking rice I used washing up detergent instead of oil. Mind, the kitchen was proper filthy so it would have been for the best to eat the rice. And in my previous life I was a chef.. ho hum.

In Paraguay, a delightfully odd country, we went to the most amazing museum in Concepcion. The fella who showed us around was really very pleased with the artifacts, which were essentially just a load of old things bunged in a storeroom. A 2 million year old fossil next to a phone from the 1970´s and a typewriter from 1920. And a bit of an old door. Some tile pieces from Versailles. It was brilliant, easily the strangest excuse for a museum I´ve ever seen and complimented superbly by his enthusiasm. Also in Concepcion we went to a concert involving local school kids. At the end awards were dished out to local people - including our man from the museum - and then the compere drew the crowds attention to the English tourists in the corner, warmly welcomed us and passionately pleaded for more tourists to visit the town. It was really quite nice, although the town is exceedingly boring. We wish them luck! The museum fella was also on the bus back to Asuncion. We´ll no doubt bump into him in Bolivia.

And on to the end of our 2nd wwoofing experience. I think it´s going to be hard, very hard to top the last 2 months. We were so lucky to share an amazing place with some amzing people. We don´t think we´ve ever laughed as much. Aldea Luna will stay with us for a long time, indeed we are considering a Christmas reunion there. The last weekend there also coincided with my birthday, and not once did I feel sad that I wasn´t with my friends and family in Carlisle. A 3 day bender was called for, and the fellow volunteers chipped in with some beer, tobacco and a titty mag for presents, Caroline got me some beer and chocolate (thoughtfully wrapped up in pictures of naked ladies) and the owners gave me a jar of the delicious homemade chilli salsa. An indulgent chocolate cake was baked and we had a big party on the Saturday. It was so amazing, and I´ll be forever grateful to my tiny lady and new friends for not only an amazing celebration but a fantastic way to end the experience. It was with a very heavy heart that we left.

In Jujuy though, we took all our clothes to a launderette. Let me say, after not washing clothes for 2 months it´s an utterly wonderful experience. The aroma of perfumed clothes surely lifts the spirits. That and lying in bed watching tv with litres of beer.

So, tomorrow it´s Bolivia.

Wish our guts luck.


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