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South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca May 20th 2014

I knew I had done a bad thing. I should have known, after we crossed into Chile the first time, that you can't get anything past them. A border guard scrutinising our passports on the bus had already gruffly told me in angry Spanish to put my boots back on. They were only three day old socks so I didn't get what his problem was. And now this. The customs official triumphantly pranced back from his inspection of the bus with his golden retriever in tow. He gathered all the passengers together opposite the immobilised luggage conveyor belt where he carefully placed an orange plastic bag. My orange plastic bag. In seconds the dog was on it, leaping onto the conveyor belt and with its front paws stamping repeatedly on the bag whilst looking up intently ... read more

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca April 12th 2013

12/4/13 Free day in Salta Unfortunately despite having a free day we had to get up and check out of the hotel by 10, so no real lie in. We had to move to a different hotel and ended up at the Posadas del Sol which was a large place but really close to the main square, it was nice enough even though it was full of business groups having lectures on catering! It was colder today and raining on and off which was a shame but we went to visit the MAAM – High Altitude Archaeological Museum, which is where the Lllullaillaco Children are kept. These are the mummies of 3 children discovered during an archaeological dig on the mountain of the same name. Only one is displayed (in a temperature controlled glass case) at ... read more
Salta (8) MAMA Archaeological Museum
Salta (10) Plaza Principal 9 de Julio
Salta (14)

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca February 15th 2013

Papusryčiavę sėdom į Saros tėčio mašiną ir nuvažiavom į Tilcara, tai vienas turistinių miestų. Visų pirma turėjom užpilti kuro į mašiną nes jau visai nedaug likę, bet kolonėlėje jokio kuro nebėra, turėtų avežti šiandien apie 5 val. vakaro. Palikom automobilį mieste ir išėjom pasivaikščioti. Pirmiausia nuėjom iki autobusų terminalo, nes jau šianakt iš čia važiuosiu į Boliviją. Man tinkamiausias autobusas 3 nakties, tad laiko dar turim užtektinai. Tilcara visiškai turistinis miestas, centre vien kavinės, parduotuvės ir hosteliai. Porą valandų pasivaikščioję nutarėm grįžtį į Maimara, kuris daug jaukesnis už Tilcara. Papietavę nuėjom valandėlę pasėdėti prie upės, po naktinio lietaus joje vandens gerokai daugiau nei vakar. Po to važiuojam į kitą turistinį miestelį Pulmamarka. Čia turistų irgi nemažai, bet pats miestelis žym... read more

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca February 8th 2013

Aujourd’hui, découverte de la plus grande ‘mer’ de sel d’Argentine. Avant de profiter de ce lieu exceptionnel, nous passons d’abord dans le village hyper touristique de Purmamarca, protégé par la colline aux 7 couleurs qui décline effectivement ses couches calcaires. Puis nous abordons un col à 4170 mètres, avec un dénivelé important puisque Jujuy est à 1300 mètres. Tout cela en bus je vous rassure. Il fait frisquet au col, et même les vigognes préfèrent être plus en contrebas. Lors de la descente, nous discernons au loin une zone blanche lumineuse qui tranche. Puis, quelques dizaines de kilomètres plus loin, nous voici à 3500 mètres et face à nous cette fameuse mer de sel coupée par la route 52 qui mène au Chili. Surprise, je ne pensais que tout était solidifié, mais non, c’est plutôt majoritairement ... read more

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca January 19th 2011

Rano sme sa pekne vyspali, nikto nas nebudil, zistili sme ze sme si ustlali priamo na mravenisku, ale dnu sa im dostat nepodarilo. Z Tilcary sme kracali do dalsej dedinky - Maimara, kde mal byt jeden z najfotogenickejsich cintorinov podla nasho sprievodcu. Cintorin vyzeral uplne obycajne ako mnoho inych ktore sme videli predtym, nebyt sprievodcu ani po nom nepatrame. Potom sme zacali stopovat do Purmamarci, ktora bola vzdialena asi 20 km. Nevedeli sme ako to pojde a boli sme pripraveni celu vzdialenost odchodit, hlavne sme si vsak chceli skusit ako to vyzera so stopovanim v Argentine. Na zaciatku to vyzeralo beznadejne, ale po vyse hodine nam konecne zastavil maly nakladiak a zobral nas az do Purmamarci. V Purmamarce sa nachadza Cerro de los Siete Colores /vrch siedmych farieb/ a naozaj hral roznymi farbami - cervena, purpurova, ... read more
Quebrada Humahuaca
Quebrada Humahuaca
Maimara - cintorin/ cementery

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca December 21st 2010

After a 10 hour overnight bus from Buenos Aries, we arrived in Argentina’s second most populous city, Cordoba. Whilst here we visited some beautiful cathedrals and roamed the streets, which were packed morning, noon and night with people buying from the hundreds and hundreds of street stalls. We found a really cool, vibrant fruit, veg, fish and carne market, which was littered with restaurants for lunch. Altogether it was a pretty relaxed couple of days in Cordoba, with a notable rise in temperature. We then took another 11 hour overnight bus to our final destination in Argentina, Salta. After strolling the first day (with a compulsory mid-afternoon siesta!) we decided we should see some of the sights on offer, so took a tour on our second day along the Quebrada de Humahuaca. This is a gorge ... read more
Cerro de Siete Colores
Spectacular scenery!
Patience is a virtue

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca January 15th 2010

Travelling the way we do is full of uncertainty. When we enter new territory, we are never sure where we will get off the bus or where we will stay the night. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but is always interesting. Arriving into Purmamarca, we didn't need a friendly bus driver or a big "Bienvenidos" sign to let us know we had arrived. A rainbow striped hill gave it away. It is called the 'Cerro de las Siete Colores' (Hill of the Seven Colours), well it couldn't be a more accurate name. To be honest the colours didn't seem real. It was as radiant as technicolour, making everything else look monochrome in comparison. The town itself was highly photogenic too: cobbled streets and terracotta-coloured buildings with mud roofs. A 1,000 year old algarrobo tree gave ... read more
Artesania market
Cactus altar

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca July 12th 2009

4 days - more than 60 hours on train and bus - 1 beautiful experience Wednesday morning before work: Rush to the train station to book the well planned trip to the North of Argentina. Plan was: Going to Salta, see surroundings, go to Tucuman and take the train back. Thats what we booked. Ended up being just a little bit different, but thats the fun about "backpacking", I guess;) Provided with many advice where to go and what to see by the very friendly and welcoming people at my workplace, we left with a luxurious "cama"-bus (reclining seats up to 160 degrees) Buenos Aires at 18.30. After roughly 18 hours - including 4 movies, which I all watched in Spanish...well, there were in English, but due to the perfectly located aircondition (above my head), ... read more

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca April 13th 2009

Well it has been an adventure going to Purmamarca to see the coloured mountains. When I arrived at Salta I asked the tourist office people if it would be a problem taking local buses to Purmamarca during Easter. ´No´I was reassured, there are many buses. Yesterday I set off on the journey: a bus (2 1/2 hours) to San Salvador de Jujuy, an hour stop-over, then a bus to Purmamarca, just over an hour going up the mountains. The best part of the bus rides was the company. When leaving Salta I sat beside a fellow from France who had traveled the world for 14 months. We discussed philosophy, economics, the meaning of life, for over two hours. I think those of us who travel alone have lots of time to think. When we are in ... read more
Every Angle

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca October 2nd 2008

soo last wedensday becca and I got on an 18 hour bus to salta from retiro at like 6:15 in the evening. they played bomb movies - premonition, made of honor, 27 dresses, and fed us delish alfajors and an edible dinner. we got to salta the next morning around noonish. we dropped off our stuff at backpackers hostel - city and made out for the city to do some exploring. we saw some linda churches, ate amazing food at doña salta - an amazing empanada with dried salted meat. we took a tram thing up to the top of the mountain and chiled by the waterfalls and then walked down the mountain, our legs were shaking! sooo then we are walking back downtown and a guy stops us asking for directions, turns out he's from ... read more

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