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April 13th 2009
Published: April 13th 2009
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It was worth the journey and unexpected lay-over in San Salvador
Well it has been an adventure going to Purmamarca to see the coloured mountains. When I arrived at Salta I asked the tourist office people if it would be a problem taking local buses to Purmamarca during Easter. ´No´I was reassured, there are many buses.
Yesterday I set off on the journey: a bus (2 1/2 hours) to San Salvador de Jujuy, an hour stop-over, then a bus to Purmamarca, just over an hour going up the mountains.
The best part of the bus rides was the company. When leaving Salta I sat beside a fellow from France who had traveled the world for 14 months. We discussed philosophy, economics, the meaning of life, for over two hours. I think those of us who travel alone have lots of time to think. When we are in countries where we do not speak the language we are encased in silence most of the time. As the weeks pass, we leave behind thoughts and attachments to the things we left behind, and we view ourselves as global creatures who get to witness humanity in many forms. People are the same all over. How we relate changes. Lone travelers get precious time, experiences

View from bus traveling up to village
and perspectives so that when we sit beside someone who can speak the same language there is an outpouring of philosophy and experiences. Dare I say wisdom comes with traveling alone? yup
During the second bus trip I met a man from Argentina who was going home for a holiday to his childhood village near Purmamarca. He works as a journalist in Buenos Aires and travels to Paris regularly. He warmly welcomed me to the Jujuy province and gave me advice about what to see. It was nice to hear his appreciation for the mountain villages.
San Salvador was closed for the holidays, and I booked the first bus out of there. I was surprised at the incline of the road, but happy to be going into the mountains. And what mountains!!! The colours are spectacular. I guess I didn´t take the photos of the cactus perched on the edges of the hills (think they were in the lost ones) and I wish I could share the strange beauty of them. I did take many photos in Purmamarca.
The trip to this village was the last joyful tourist trek I will make in South America this year;
Every AngleEvery AngleEvery Angle

Purmamarca is one of those places where every turn of your head brings more beauty to your eyes
and it did not disappoint. The colours are so pleasing to the eye. I did not have much daylight time, so I ran around as quickly as I could.
It was getting cold when I got on the last bus out of there, and like Peru, it filled with many people who got off in the dark on the road along the way to San Salvador. I arrived at eight and went to book the bus to Salta. There were no tickets! I wasn´t the only person unpleasantly shocked to hear this. Local people were going from bus company to bus company (with me following) to find a way to Salta. There was none. There were buses in the morning.
Yikes! A bit of panic when I looked at the station (not very secure). Luckily, the tourist office was still open, and I was given a map with two potential hotels. And luckily the fellow wrote down the price because when I got to the first one, the guy tried to charge me more, knowing that I was stranded.
The room was o.k. for one night (think camping), and I returned to the market stalls near the

The sun was getting ready to set, which added more vibracy to mountain colours.
bus station to find toothbrush, paste, small shampoo, etc. There must be many days when people are stranded because all the toiletries are there.
I quickly showered the next morning and I went to the terminal and got ticket back to Salta. It was funny when I returned to my hotel. The maid laughed and shook her finger at me and noted that I did not sleep in my bed last night. I conveyed my stranded story to her. I wish I had a better adventure to amuse her.
My advice to fellow travelers: skip Cafayate and go to Purmamarca but make sure you get a return ticket from San Salvador before you get on the bus to the mountains. The trip takes about an hour and 15 minutes, so figure out the timing before you go. When you get there, go past the market in the plaza, up the hill where you can take photos of the vivid-coloured mountains. The items for sale in the market are cheaper in Peru, but if you won´t go there, they are relatively cheap for Argentina. The mass produced items are cheap. In the stores around the plaza there are some

The displays outside craftstores were lovely, too
handmade items that are not cheap. I had supper in a restaurant that was more expensive than those around the plaza in Salta. The guy from France found a cheap hostel bed, for 25 pesos, so if you have the time, you should stay a day or two. That would take pressure off getting the bus on time. The area is beautiful!

Additional photos below
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Dogs take afternoon nap

Soft colours, the ones I paint in my livingroom

I asked one of the ladies selling crafts in the main plaza to take my photo.

Houses use colours to fit into local environment

This is the hill you climb to get 'the' photo. The altitude was enough to have me puffing as I hurried to get there while there was sun
Full shotFull shot
Full shot

You can tell there was a wind that day.

In centre plaza, a block away from bus stop
Mass ProducedMass Produced
Mass Produced

On sale were the mass produced tourist items sold in Peru and Bolivia.

The expensive items were in stores around the centre market plaza

Amazing how cactus grew on dry mountain tops, looking like peopel with open arms
Back DownBack Down
Back Down

Got the last bus back to San Salvador
Cactus PeopleCactus People
Cactus People

Sun is fading, but you can see how the cactus grow on tops of mountains
San SalvadorSan Salvador
San Salvador

Morning shot from bridge near train station

Easter Sunday in San Salvador. Everything is shut except market stalls near bus station
Side StreetsSide Streets
Side Streets

Only main streets were paved in San Salvador
Salta Bus StationSalta Bus Station
Salta Bus Station

Taken at the beginning of my trek to coloured mountains

11th August 2009

HI: Great article about your travel to Argentina and Jujuy,etc. I am planning a similar trip to Purmamarca from Salta this September and was pleased to see that it is possible to take a bus from Jujuy to Purmamarca, however, is it also possible to take a bus from Purmamarca to Tilcara and do they run on a regular basis? I was going to rent a car or a jeep but perhaps this is an unnecessary expense if the bus service is reliable. Thanks. I am returning from Jujuy to Salta and will fly from there to BA so I will remember to buy a round trip ticket.
14th August 2009

Hello, Tomas, I don't know about the bus to Tilcara as I didn't go that far. I hope you have a great trip. The colours of the mountains are breathtaking.

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