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South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Humahuaca April 5th 2022

Bonjour à tous, Hier au soir je suis revenu au classique pour souper, une longe de boeuf purée, compte tenu du poids je ne suis pas ressorti avec la faim. Vous verrez une photo que j'ai faite dans la salle de restaurant, d'une magnifique cheminée, elle sert pour le chauffage, et aussi pour la déco. et c'est gagné. J'ai fait également 2 photos, dans la salle de bain de l'hôtel de la pierre qui sert de support à la vasque, ainsi que de tablette, c'est vraiment magnifique, j'aimerais bien la même. La pierre à toute les couleurs, que l'on voit dans la nature, ici mais concentré sur une petite surface. Cette nuit il n'y avait pas de chiens qui aboyaient, mais j'ai très mal dormi, je pense l'altitude n'y est pas étrangère. Je me suis aperçu ... read more
cimetière Maimara
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South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Humahuaca February 6th 2020

Quebrada de la Humahuaca Første dagen med bil endte i en liten by i «Quebrada de la Humahuaca» som heter Tilcara. Byen er sjarmerende, med lave murhus og brolagte gater. Det er også et stort utemarked med typiske lokale, indianske varer (gensere i sterke farger og mye keramikk). Her bodde vi på et nydelig sted som heter Posada de Luz: Det dyreste stedet vi har bodd på hittil. De tok 600 kr per natt. Vi hadde et stort rom med uteplass. Rett ved var det et lite basseng med solstoler. Frokosten var kjempegod, og stedet kan anbefales, men er så populært at det er vanskelig å få rom. Bestill i god tid. Vi hadde en natt her før vi dro videre oppover dalen. Målet for dagen var Humahuaca, en by på 3000 moh. Under vegs ... read more
Quebrada de las Senóritas
Mirador de Hornocal (de 14-fargede fjellene)

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Humahuaca March 3rd 2015

El camino de Iruya a La Paz.... De Humahuaca partimos temprano en un bus que nos llevo a Iruya, el paisaje de este camino de 3 horas es increíble: todo el recorrido es en carretera destapada, en realidad es muy destapada, estos grandes, viejos y resistentes buses saben pasar algunos pasos que incluyen trechos en el río caudaloso, también bordea la montaña en un delgado camino delimitado con pendientes precipicios... Hermosas montañas desérticas y pedregosas, piedras de colores diferentes que hacen que las grandes montañas parezcan pintadas de colores, algo subreales.... Pasamos una noche y un día en este remoto pueblito, caminamos por las coloreadas montañas hasta llegar a un caudaloso río.... Hermoso paisaje, mu poca gente, locales indígenas..... Madrugamos a tomar el primer bus que nos sacaría de Iruya hasta humahuaca, apenas calculábamos el tiempo ... read more
Quebrada de Humahuaca y la montañas de colores
Tren de Villazon a Oruro
El tren

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Humahuaca May 14th 2012

Le temps s'est accéléré depuis quelques semaines, je ne reste pas plus de 3 nuits dans une même ville, et manque de temps pour écrire mon blog, ou même lire autre chose que les numéros du Monde que je télécharge régulièrement pour me tenir au courant des élections en France et de ses suites. J'ai d'ailleurs regretté de ne pas être à la Bastille le 6 mai...comme j'ai regretté de ne pas être à La Mosson le 13 pour voir Montpellier battre Lille in extremis et aller vers son premier titre de champion de France (croisons les doigts!). Mais revenons à nos passe directement au Nord de l'Argentine sans parler, au moins pour le moment, de la semaine passée avec Laurent en Uruguay. J'y reviendrai peut-être... Salta, grande ville du nord ouest argentin, est supposée ... read more
Salta, Arg (54)
Salta, Arg (46)
Salta, Arg -Quebrada de las Conchas (39)

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Humahuaca June 3rd 2011

This will be our last post from Argentina so, as well as talking about our travels in this part of the country, we will record some of our overall impressions of Argentina. A little arrogant I know, given we have only been here for 4 weeks, but there are memories of Argentina and its people that we wouldn't want to lose. I noted in an earlier post that Argentinians themselve have told us on a few occasions that their great passions are meat, tango and football. It is clear to us that a couple more need to be on the list. Yerba mate is the drink of choice throughout the country. It is consumed continually and, as far as we can tell, by people at all levels of society. 'Mate' is also the name of the ... read more
Salta Cathedral
Humahuaca centro
25 de Mayo action, Salta

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Humahuaca May 25th 2011

We wandered up to the bus terminal. We had intended to catch one of the big comfy tourist buses, and had, in fact, enquired about tickets the day before. Luckily we hadn't bought one; as we approached a local bus pulled up. It seemed to be going the right way, so we jumped on. For much of the short hour long journey we were the only passengers. Sure, it was slow, but it was cheap at 8 pesos each. We had been told that Humahuaca, one of the larger towns on the route, was a bit boring. It was, in fact, pretty nice, not that there wasn't that much to see or do. This simply meant you had to pace yourself and not do everything at once, and, in this, my public service training would come ... read more
The most photographed thing in Argentina
Monument, Humahuaca

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Humahuaca October 18th 2009

This side trip from Salta took me to the seven colored hills of Punamarca, the pre-Inca ruins of Tilcara, and the puna town of Humahuaca. I got to eat Llama too!!! It was delicious.... Mmmmmmm....... read more
Iglesia Purmamarca
Purmamarca Market Day
Flowering  Cactus

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Humahuaca September 18th 2009

So we left Mendoza, and took our first overnight bus in South America - wow! We paid a little extra to be in 'First Class', so we had an actual bed to sleep on. It went completely flat with a nice pillow and blanket, we even got Champagne (OK so it was fizzy wine, but still wow!). We only journeyed for 10 hours (we've done longer on a day bus) to Cordoba but thought as we're in a country renowned for its bus travel we should give it a try - we weren't disappointed. Cordoba itself was nothing amazing, just another city built by the Spanish with wide streets on a very boring grid pattern. The reason we went there was to visit some of the older towns in the surroundings. We visited Alta Gracia, a ... read more
Alta Gracia Jesuit Estancia
Che's Motorbike
Nanni Bodega, Cafayate

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Humahuaca June 3rd 2009

On first sight, Humahuaca and it's beautiful valley looked like my stereotypical idea of andean South America: dusty roads, abandoned railroad stations, 19th century houses, a whole lot of indigenous old women and massive coloured moutains with cacti. After spending some time in this town, it's over-authenticism started to annoy me though, i suppose Unesco declaring this region patrimony of humanity has triggered a tourism so massive that it has destroyed most of the essence of this patrimony. Humahuaca is very pretty and has a not too fake vibe, but it lives off tourism, and the centre is one big shopping centre for artesania (yes, i did buy lama gloves). That being said, the setting is still breathtaking, and to enjoy it to it's fullest, camping Carolina is a fine choice. I put my tent in ... read more

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Humahuaca January 8th 2009

Siden jeg begynte reiseforberedelsene har jeg hatt lyst til å bli kjent med de to nordligste provinsene i Argentina - Salta og Jujuy. Det er her to kulturer - den mer sørlige Argentinske - og den indianske, indigene fjellkulturen møtes. Det kommer også tydelig frem når du observerer folk og skikker og snakker med folk. Derfor bestilte jeg bussbilletter Cafayate - Salta og videre nordover fra Salta til Humahuaca. Jeg tenkte å ta en stopover i Tilcara eller Humahuaca avhengig av hva som synes best. Det var iallefall meningen. Men om kvelden, etter at jeg hadde funnet rom, det var mørkt og jeg var sulten, oppdaget jeg at jeg var i Purmamarca - en liten fjellandsby litt sør for Tilcara avsides fra hovedveien. Så feil er det sjelden jeg tar. Men jeg fant heldigvis ut av ... read more
Mange reiser til Purmamarca bare for a se disse fargene
Det var storstilt byggeaktivitet i Purmamarca
Fra gatebildet i Humahuaca

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