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South America » Argentina » Córdoba August 31st 2005

Holla, Well after a while in South America I decided to move my pictures and some writtings in the future to the Blog. That way we can keep up in touch and you´ll be able to read and see pictures at the same time. And for me it will be good to do it once in a while... and you can commet on anything. Right now I´m in Cordoba ( Argentina ), doing a great time here before I´m going to Buenos Aires, there Içll spend my time till I´ll go South to Patagonia. I already been in Peru and Bolivia... now I´m starting Argentina and after that I´ll be in Brazil. Hope you´ll enjoy seeing pictures and reading.... With Love and Care, Tomer. ... read more
Cusco - Inty Rymi
Machu Pichu

South America » Argentina » Córdoba May 22nd 2005

Having got to the last week of our 4 week language school in Cordoba we couldn´t take any more punishment, so we plotted our early escape on the Tuesday! We said our goodbyes and adios´s and fled to Villa General Belgrano, a beautiful Germanesque little village in the sierras. Apparently some German naval officers who escaped the sinking of the Graf Spee battleship during the Second World War settled here (and reproduced!). Defintely the best housing in Argentina! We stayed there for a few days then flew from Cordoba to Salta, in the north west of Argentina (about 1500kms from Buenos Aires). Salta La Linda (Salta the Fair) has some lovely old colonial buildings. We took the cable car to the top of the nearest mountain, Cerro San Bernardo (1500m or 4500ft), with stunning views overlooking ... read more
Iglesia y Convento San Francisco, Salta
Gerry at the foot of the cross above Salta
Statue in the Plaza 9 de Julio, Salta

South America » Argentina » Córdoba May 13th 2005

Learning Spanish is ‘murder’, there’s no other word for it! We’re here in Cordoba to attend a 4 week language school. The school is great, our teacher, Blanca, is great, the students are great but the learning is ‘muy dificile’! The whole experience brings back long-forgotten memories of school: homework (and the pressure of getting it right), repeating conjugations of verbs (o, as, es, a, amos, an), little games in class (eg using flashcards), silly simple sentences (‘the dog is in the house’), publicly being put on the spot, the mind going blank and then internal panic! On the 24th April we arrived in Cordoba, Argentina’s second largest city, about 500 miles north west of Buenos Aires. We flew with Aerolineas and for some odd reason managed to find ourselves in first class along with one ... read more
Gerry and amigo in the Plaza Sobremonte, Cordoba
Boys play football by the river, Cordoba
Advert and taxi on Mons. Pablo Cabrera, Cordoba

South America » Argentina » Córdoba April 2nd 2005

Hello to you all, Well I've finally left Buenos Aires - it's very easy to get settled in a city like that. As I said before, I absolutely loved it!! A really good 'vibe'about the place. Managed to get around to taking the odd pic or two which I've attached. Had a great time whilst Nor was here, she arrived St Patricks Day so a quick walk around then we hit the pubs. Surprisingly (or not I suppose, being St Paddys...) its massive over here - think I read that about 50,000 people were out in Bs As. We then headed up to the Iguazu Falls which were as spectacular as everyone had said and took too many photos of the same things! A trip to the largest hydro-elecric power plant at the Itaipu dam concluded ... read more
Flower sculpture (mind the ants...)
St Paddys with the most famous green eyeliner in Bs As (mine!).....
The Iguazu falls from the Argentinian side...

South America » Argentina » Córdoba January 8th 2005

We decided to go to Córdoba because you could fly direct from there to Iguazú - and it was also in that general direction. Other reasons were: * We didn´t want to go back via Buenos Aires - seemed a bit silly for some reason * The bus journey was about 23 hours from Mendoza to Córdoba * The flight was only 300pesos, and if we went to Córdoba we would see an extra place too * Córdoba had a fierce reputation for being a better party city than BA and we didn´t get to party properly in BA So, the plan was laid after a bit of research and we arrived by bus to Córdoba early in the morning, and took a taxi to our pre-booked hostel. Unfortunately there had been some jiggery-pokery with the ... read more
A university building that looks like a church
Pigeon families in their little houses
The cathedral in Córdoba

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