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South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Piramides January 3rd 2015

Jan.2/15 On the road again......I find Willys voice in my head often these days:) We have just left a small corky village called Puerto Pirmades, on the Pennisula Valdes, which is an animal reserve for multiple creatures! We arrived here on Jan.2 at about 6:30pm there is only one camp ground in the village to plug is like nowhere I've ever experienced, we are crammed in here like sardines. I feel like a through back from the 60's a true hippie:):) Jan.3/15 We woke in Puerto Pirmades and began to explore, this is a huge whale watching village for the " Right Whale" season ( Sept-Dec.) we missed that but decided to jump back into the RV and drive to Punta Norte the most northern point on the peninsula which was 80km from the village ... read more
Lama Land
Snoozin by the Sea

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Piramides February 25th 2011

Sarah displayed no noticeable marks or bruises after being traumatically removed from Buenos Aires. All that was left now after our two weeks in the city was a wine stain on our apartment floor. But how long could we last in our next destination; this raw, rugged wilderness that we were entering? Patagonia had an air of mystery about it, and it was about time for us to find out more. Patagonia is the southernmost portion of South America, comprising of over 1,000,000 sq. kilometers of Southern Argentina and Chile. With just about an average of 1 person per sq. km, you can get the picture that this is a vast and sparsely populate region. But the barren landscape is, in itself, quite intriguing. Every now and then you can see pockets of sheep, Lamas, Road ... read more
Are we there yet?
Sea Lions basking in sun
Orca watching

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Piramides January 27th 2011

Nach einigen Transit-Tagen erreichten wir die Halbinsel Valdes. Auf dem idyllischen Zeltplatz Municipal zwischen zwei Sanddünen schlugen wir unser Lager auf. Lustigerweise gehörte das Nachbarzelt Dieter aus Luzern (wie sich am Abend herausstellte). So hatten wir am Abend jeweils eine Schweizer Grillrunde. Über Tag erkundigten wir per Auto die Halbinsel und vor allem die Aussichtspunkte, von denen aus Magellan-Pinguine, Seelöwen und Seeelefanten beobachtet werden konnten. Absolutes Lieblingstier wurde jedoch das kleine Gürteltier. Dieses krabbelte hinter den Autos auf dem Parkplatz herum und schien sich grundsätzlich über die vielen fotografierwütigen Touristen zu ärgern. Als Moni jedoch einen Apfel verspies war es zur Stelle und wäre beinahe sogar ins Auto eingestiegen.... read more
Campingplatz in Puerto Piramides
Das lustige Gürteltier.. ganz zutraulich

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Piramides November 18th 2010

Celodenni hodne narocny vylet...... read more
Velryby, lvouni, tucnaci-1
Velryby, lvouni, tucnaci-2
Velryby, lvouni, tucnaci-3

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Piramides March 12th 2010

This is a 1 horse kind of town. Actually, we saw 4 horses, so we kept changing the name with each additional horse that came into view. We were walking down the street singing out loud, ¨Oh just wandering around a 1 hourse town, I mean a 2 horse town.... na na na.¨Ect.... Puerto Pyramides is a 4 horse town. There are 300 residents, and the town itself is located in a rounded bay on Reserve Valdez, a island-shaped peninsula connected to mainland Argentina by a small sliver of desolate land. The entire island is covered in short drouht tolerent shrubs. Kids run amuk, shooting up and down the street on suped up quads and little go-carts. Many of them carrying groceries and such, but others, obviously just trying to have some fun. The police station ... read more

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Piramides November 5th 2009

While resting up and taking in the sights of Santiago, the capital of Chile, we learned that November is a good time of year to go whales watching in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Argentina. This meant instead of heading south through Chile we would meander back across the continent once more. Plans are made for changing! We made a quick check of bus routes and timetables: it is possible to go from Santiago to Puerto Madryn with only one change of bus in Mendoza. We settled on leaving Santiago in two days time. Santiago is a very likeable city, safe to walk around most areas under the sun and even the centre is quite safe under moonlight. It's a mix of modern day skyscrapers and old European style buildings. Power suits mingle with ... read more
One each
Mountain pass - Santiago to Mendoza
Puerto Piramides

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Piramides September 8th 2009

Nous avons donc quitte Buenos Aires apres cette petite semaine de visite pour descendre vers le sud du pays. Notre premier arret fut a Puerto Madryn ou nous avions rendez-vous avec les baleines. Une fois arrive au terminal apres un voyage fort agreable en bus-cama...c'est un peu comme la classe affaire des avion, ce qui n'est vraiment pas un luxe pour descendre la moitie du continent en bus...Durant lequel nous avons fait la connaissance d'Alinda, nous avons rencontre 3 francais: Moise, Nico et Fred qui eux aussi voulaient rendre visite aux baleines. Nous avons alors decide de faire le dernier bout de chemin ensemble jusqu'a Puerto Piramides et de reserver le bateau en groupe afin de negocier les prix. une fois sur place, la soiree fut d'assez courte duree car le lendemain nous devions nous lever ... read more
he came closer to say HI
Entrance of the golf
Puerto piramides beach

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Piramides January 18th 2009

Having had several comments on my writing style I´m going to make a concious effort to use punctuation from now on. (you ungrateful shower - I´m busting my hump here trying to help you pass the day at work!) Once again the memory banks have to be dredged as this seems like ages ago. If I remember rightly the trip down to PM was uneventful though the bus was late so I missed the connecting one to PP where I was to meet up with Graham and MAgda. I stayed at a place called Chepatagonia and it was the most homely hostel I´d stayed at so far run by a young couple who had the prettiest child Catarina with a funny deep voice who was totally loco at times- I hoped to learn some spanish from ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Piramides November 23rd 2008

For anyone who likes spotting wild animals this is the place to be! One wouldn't think that considering that this is practically a desert - but we have seen so many creatures on land and in the sea... Whale watching tops it all. These huge beings are incredibely docile and curious. They swam around, next to and under our little boat, did breaches to show off... it was certainly one of the most amazing experiences ever! We did the tour several times (never enough ) and every time it was a totally different experience. Just loved it! We also spotted sea lions, elephant seals, penguins, orcas, armadillo, guanacas, rheas, maras, a desert owl and other birds, tarantula type of spider, snake... It's a desert - but full of animals! Here, in this small and totally relaxed ... read more
Up, close and personal
The famous tail
Witnessing it all...

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Piramides November 10th 2008

fotos van peninsula de Valdes Photos of peninsular Valdes... read more
Puerto Madryn 002
Puerto Madryn 003
Puerto Madryn 004

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