Hurricane-force winds and 20m seas

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March 19th 2003
Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: -46.6193, -61.2598

Very bad night. Huge swells; strong winds. Swells running up to 20 meters. Winds about 50-60 knots, gusting past 90 knots -- reaching Force 12 levels (hurricane-force). Around 02.30h, after one extremely violent shudder, followed by a steep descent down the wall of a swell, Kyla calls, too scared to sleep. Paul takes her place with Keegan (who sleeps through whole thing), while I bring Kyla back with me. I feel better, knowing there's an adult in both rooms, but I still sleep very little.

During the night, the ship is hove-to. We're making 5 knots, to hold position against the seas, and we're heading due west instead of NNW. The decks are closed due to weather.

We have a small, late breakfast. Virtually no one is out and about. Rumors abound on the ship: a chair went through one of the plate glass windows in the dining room; people's televisions were flying around in the suites; one woman was injured by the soap dish in her bathroom.

We do trivia, but no one feels well. Around 12.30h, the four of us try to get some sleep. I finally doze off, especially as, by mid-afternoon, the swells have calmed somewhat. We're now headed NE, but we have little additional weigh-on. The captain announces that P. Madryn will not be possible, due to the conditions - so the kids will miss the penguins again, which is sad.

By late afternoon, things are quite calm. We have "snack" and try trivia again. But dinner is candlelight and formal. The window that was broken by the chair is boarded up. Our junior waiter is felling ill, so we have a substitute tonight. Things were calm enough by night to allow for the champagne waterfall.


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