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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 1st 2014

Nach einem Monat in Kuba ging es weiter nach Argentinien. Für meine ersten Tage hatte ich ein Hostel gebucht. Schon der erste Abend begann super. Ich ging mit meinen Zimmergenossen ein typisches Asado essen und hatte danach schon die erste Tangolektion in einer sympatischen Milonga. Viel besser kann mein Aufenthalt nicht starten. Die nächsten Tage verbrachte ich damit die Stadt zu erkunden, einzukaufen, diverse Shows besuchen, Pferderenen schauen, Kaffe zu trinken und natürlich Tango tanzen. Ich fühlte mich fast wie in Europa, was daher kommt, dass viele Argentinier ausgewanderte Europäer sind und somit viele Traditionen übernommen haben. Die Stadt ist sehr geordnet, manchmal sogar zu fest für mein Geschmack, da ich noch gerne das südamerikanische Chaos habe. Nach 4 Tagen beschloss ich meinen ersten Hof zu besuchen. Er war nur 3h von der Stadt entfernt. Mitten ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 15th 2014

Am Nachmittag sind wir dann in Buenos Aires gelandet, wo wirklich herrliches Wetter war! Da unser Hostel genau im Zentrum, 200 Meter vom Obelisk, dem Wahrzeichen der Stadt, war, sind wir ein bisschen herumgegangen, um dort Fotos zu machen! Am Abend sind wir dann mit Vincis Gastschwester in ein Restaurant im Viertel 'Puerto Madero' essen gegangen, das 'Siga la vaca' hieß. (Vaca=Kuh). Dort gab es typisch argentinisch 'Asado', was wir mit BBQ vergleichen würden (auch wenn man es hier als Beleidigung ansieht, es so zu nennen). Aber es gab auf jeden Fall sehr sehr viel Fleisch jeglicher Art und man konnte sich so viel nehmen wie man möchte für einen Fixpreis. So haben wir uns natürlich durch alle Fleischarten und Zubereitungsarten durchprobiert. Am nächsten Tag hatten wir den Vormittag frei und sind deshalb zuerst zum Retiro, ... read more
Schnitzel mal anders
Friedhof Recoleta
Friedhof Recoleta

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 17th 2014

Yesterday I met up with a friend from my previous tour as we were both in Buenos Aires and wanted to see more of the city. We went to a museum which had art by Van Gough, but I found it kind of boring (I'm not an arty person). After that we went to the markets and visited a graveyard.....which is one of the biggest attractions in Buenos Aires due to the amount of mausoleums they have there (it's like a small city). After that I over ate again and then I went shopping by myself. I'm sure I've put on 5kgs already, but I'm happily still eating large meals and don't care at the moment. Last night I met up with some people from contiki and we tried some steak, empanadas and ice cream. Today ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 16th 2014

This morning I woke up and wasn't feeling the best, ate something funky last night that my stomach did not like! Later I had my daily omelet and croissant and then tried to figure out where the nearest shopping mall was. I was in heaven! The shopping mall was awesome, but unfortunately only had an hour so will have to go back tomorrow! Later in the afternoon I took a tour around Buenos Aires, I’m doing one with contiki but wanted to see more of it earlier. We went all over Buenos Aires including the colourful area of La Boca. I was going to write down the cool places I went to but I can't get onto the tour groups website, so you'll just have to believe me that the places I went to which I've ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 15th 2014

Last night I arrived at my hotel to find out I got an upgrade! And the best part is I have a spa bath!!!!! In the morning I slept in, had an omelet and croissant thing and then walked around the streets. The first thing I thought when I got to Buenos Aires is that it looks like a great place to shop! But walking around the streets around my hotel I found everything was so expensive and you know it is when they have their own security guards in every shop! Must find some cheaper shops somewhere. Anyway I did splurge on laundry at my hotel so kind of don't want to spend anything else at the moment. Later in the day I went to a street art and graffiti tour as Buenos Aires is ... read more

7/4 It took a while to get up since it was in the mid 40s in Buenos Aires (BA). I took a long hot shower, called the rents, and watch France v Germany at the hostel. I was cheering for the Germans. After the game I walked into town to exchange my Uruguayan pesos for Argentine pesos. Apparently on the streets you can get a much better exchange rate than the official rate you'd get at the cambio. There's a bunch of people standing around on Florida street yelling "Cambio cambio! Change change!" I used them to do my conversions. They take back to a makeshift office in the high rises around the area called "Blue Dollar Caves". The official exchange rate from USD to ARS is about 8, but on the street you can get ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 30th 2014

Another hazy bus ride sped us on to Buenos Aires and after a short taxi ride with an extremely racist taxi driver, we were unloaded on the doorsteps of Milhouse (Avenue) Hostel; the hostel every backpacker labelled as ´The Party Hostel´. Yet did some lucky hostel residents realise... the party had just arrived. One thing immediately apparent: this was more hotel than hostel! Marble floors and more than bread-toast for breakfast.. where were we!? The first day followed routine: Eat pre-check-in breakfast (#loveafreebie); sprawl across sofas attempting to look friendly and not absolutely shattered (#thefriendlyzombie); engage residents and attempt to make plans (#nottherighttime!); post check-in nap (#thisroomisfreezing); brief city exploration (#undecidedonBA); enter BA pm (#drinksensibly). Morning. Afternoon. Palermo was fun! And this next day was to mark the addition of a new te... read more
BA: + Mark & Scotty!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 19th 2014

With all the visits done yesterday, we had free time this morning until 2:30 in the afternoon. Martin helped with suggestions, revising my goal of the Fine Arts Museum in favour of a walk through the historic district called San Telmo. It is on the same street as our hotel, except on the other side of the Plaza de Mayo. By walking several blocks east first, the redeveloped Madero Docks were the route beside the river. After one easy block, I had to cross a terrifyingly wide street filled with noisy traffic. In best traveller’s practices, I sidled up to other pedestrians and crossed in their wake. This practice continued through a construction site and several more streets both wide and narrow. What a relief to arrive at the port! The red-brick (British) warehouses have ... read more
San Telmo apartments
Basilica Santo Domingo
Lunch at a sidewalk cafe

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 10th 2014

Our goal this morning was wine tasting at a sommelierschool. We set off walking with the flowing stream of pedestrians stepping over and around broken pavement and public works. Made a few more efforts to take photos, although the light was too contrasty. We entered a narrow hallway and climbed 1 1/2 storeys – no handrail of course - and we came into a narrow reception, decorated with wine and liqueur bottles from around the world. We had lots of time to examine these and some South American artworks, because it eventually transpired that the sommelier had been booked for the wrong day. Flexibility being paramount in both guiding and touring, our Tuesday morning visit to the Colon Opera House was substituted. More trekking through throngs of pedestrians, cars, motorbikes and trucks. On ... read more
Colon Theatre
Golden Hall
Santa Catalina de Siena

I woke naturally at 7:15 after about nine hours sleep. Perfect! Breakfast was like in Italy, except the white rolls were replaced by white “croissants”, which were not flaky, only crescent-shaped. The ham and salami were the same. This morning a bus tour showed us the highlights of BA, as they call Buenos Aires here. Because it was Sunday, the traffic was very light, and Martin said we could see more things. Don’t know what the additions were. After a bit of a drive, and much frustration trying to take pictures of buildings in narrow streets from the bus window against the sun, we stopped at a marvelous artwork. An architect, Eduardo Catalano, raised $3 million to fund a huge, “functioning”, polished steel flower... read more
Cemeterio de la Recoleta
Madres de Plaza de Mayo
Metropolitan Cathedral on Plaza de Mayo

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