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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 5th 2019

How does one do justice to Buenos Aires (BA) when visiting the city of 15 million people in only 4 days and nights? My answer: hire a private tour guide! Prior to arriving in BA, I googled "BA private tour guide" and up came with choices. I wrote to highly rated guide Marcelo Mansilla and he responded right back (he gave me permission to use his whole name if I wrote positive reviews about his tour business, Ha!). It was the best decision I made for making the most of my limited time in BA. I hired him for ½ day right after checking in to my hotel room. This was crucial for me as he showed me the ropes of navigating the city using taxis, buses and when walking alone, especially at night. He ... read more
Hotel Arc Recoleta
Tour Guide and Porteno Marcelo
Eva Peron's Final Resting Place

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 2nd 2019

Vive Miles & More... on collecte ses points et un jour arrive... on en a assez que pour aller retrouver nos amis... à petit prix... Quoi que. .. c'est quand cela vous arrive que vous vous rendez compte que finalement un billet d'avion contient plus de sous en taxes d'aéroport qu'en transport lui même ... en effet, si j'achetais mon billet ce jour, 3 février, je payerais 1.185 euros... alors qu'avec les points je n'ai payé que 500 euros... (de taxe...) mais ce billet en mars ne faisait que 950 euros dont les 500 euros de taxe.... Quand vous réservez alors un billet dans une agence de voyage... ne pensez pas qu'elle gagne grand chose .... c'est une fois de plus "pures taxes". Merci les gouvernements ! Contents donc aujourd'hui de constater qu'on a tout de ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 24th 2019

Only 7 days before I fly to "Good Air" Buenos Aires (BA), Argentina! What's not to like about warm 85˚F, sunny and palm trees after snowshoeing in lots of snow and cold? Yikes! Time is flying. I am mostly packed and thankfully will be just within the airline weight limits of 50 pounds per duffel bag. PTL, I fit in all 21 pairs of underwear! LOL. Had to last minute order more packing cubes, the last 4 arriving today. I have been also brushing up on my Spanish, reading a book about using my new 83X telephoto bridge camera, learning my new GoPro camera, learning the names of all of the ship's 30 sails, reading everything I can find about all of the places I am going to be visiting, hiring a BA guide, getting ... read more
A Backpack & 2 Duffel Bags
Europa Sail Plan
Moon December 25, 2018 @ 7:52AM EST

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre January 23rd 2019

Today we are going to Tigre, to the north of Buenos Aires. Not so much for the destination, but for the journey. We plan to take a 2 hour boat trip up the River Plate, then return along the riverside on the Tren de la Costa. The day does not start well. We try to get some cash out to find our card has been cloned and the account emptied overnight at a cashpoint in Johnson City USA. To make matters worse, once our financial woes have been dealt with, we no longer have time for breakfast before catching our boat. Hunger aside, the boat trip is wonderful. We head up the River Plate which is so enormous and choppy it’s like being at sea, apart from the water hyacinths bobbing around us. Once in the ... read more
Leaving Buenos Aires
Tigre Delta
Tigre Delta

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 21st 2019

Today is rather disjointed as many tourist attractions are closed on Mondays. Our hotel is in the banking district so has been like a ghost town all weekend. However, this morning it is heaving and all the shops and cafes are open, not just McDonalds, where we had breakfast yesterday. This is a problem, as the old man doesn’t cope well with choice and we have to study numerous menus before we are finally able to sit down and order some actual food. Most of the morning we wander around Buenos Aires admiring the city’s architecture. We brave a guided tour of the Palacio Barolo; an Art Deco tower block where each floor represents a different verse of Dante’s Divine Comedy. You start in the foyer (hell) then work your way up through purgatory to heaven. ... read more
Palacio Barolo
Palacio Barolo
Palacio Barolo

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 20th 2019

Today we are going sightseeing in Buenos Aires. There will be no guided tours, just us and my well annotated copy of Lonely Planet. We start with the cathedral, former manor of the Pope. Then try to get a tube from Catedral underground station. It sounds foolproof, seeing as we’re already at the cathedral. But somehow we manage to overshoot and end up at Peru, which is on a different line. By the time we realise, we’ve already passed through the barrier so have to retrace our steps, buy more tickets and try again. Second time lucky, we find the station and catch the tube to Palermo. This morning is all about parks. We walk through the Eco Parque, with its cute maras grazing by the lake, to reach the Parque 3 Febrero. It’s heaving on ... read more
Metropolitan Cathedral
Metropolitan Cathedral
Eco parque

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 19th 2019

We’re up at 3 am for our flight 700 miles south to Buenos Aires, the start of our Argentinian adventure. It is a relief to (a) leave Paraguay and (b) get a bit further from the equator. The day does not start well with the old man vomiting between the hotel and the taxi. Once at the airport, my first challenge of the day; to spend our remaining £20 worth of Guarani in the departure lounge. I leave Asunción clutching 2 glass chickens, a cap and a healthy breakfast combo of empanadas and Pringles. In the plane I have an emergency exit seat. The steward explains that sitting here requires being able to follow crew instructions. He sounds fairly unconvinced that I’m up to the job. The flight arrives without incident and we are at our ... read more
Entrance to Casa Rosada
Stampy Casa Rosada guard
Casa Rosada courtyard

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires December 17th 2018

Do You Tango? Buenos Aires, December 2018 It’s been a few years since I last walked this exotic city – how I have missed it. I’ve given myself a few days to become reacquainted with a locale that once embedded in your heart, never leaves. Arriving in this South American port city by cruise ship, I’m on my way to the hotel within a few hours of the ship docking. I used a local shuttle service for the transfer – – and for the total price of $54.00 for 4 people, it was a great deal, with swift and efficient transport. This latest adventure has me checking out a new brand edition to the Hilton portfolio, the Curio Collection. This one boasts an ideal location which fronts onto the famous Plaza Dorrego, a colorful, dynamic ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 13th 2018

Written by Leo Pavliv While it hadn't rained overnight, waking up early Saturday morning, the clouds looked ominous and the skies opened up for the first of a number of downpours that day. We were all very disappointed when the call came in, cancelling the build, but the celebration with Juan and Yessica was still on at the local Rugby club building. The usual hour long drive stretched on as the weather continued to not cooperate and we had ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 13th 2018

Blog Written by Team Leader Michelle Pavliv Today was different. Rather than build for our Habitat partners, the local affiliate arranged for us to serve and engage the local community in different ways. We began our day at a local ‘soup kitchen’. A neighborhood woman has taken it upon herself to provide lunches for children in the neighborhood who might not have a good meal otherwise. She spends her meager savings on preparing meals for upwards of 20 children each day. Her venue is basic at best. We provided the paint and labor to spruce up the common room in her facility. It is amazing what some fresh paint can do! While some were painting, other team members were serving lunch to the kids. The children ranging in age from 2 to 16, were polite and ... read more

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