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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 10th 2005

We’d finally arrived: Buenos Aires, Paris of South America. We found a place in San Telmo, an older area of the city not far from down town. The whole place is full of Georgian buildings with crumbling molding and balconies of overgrown house plants. And the streets are cobbled. The first thing we did was go to Calle Florida, where all the shopping is. To Mike’s infinite delight, there was also a Subway. I must say, that we did buy a lot of shoes while in Buenos Aires, and now our bags are very heavy. You can get very nice stuff in Buenos Aires, and it’s all about half the price we would pay at home, so almost impossible to resist. On Saturdays, there is a craft market outside the cemetery in Recoleta (a fancy part ... read more
A sailboat

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 9th 2005

Hola I am in Argentina and I love it. I have decided that I am going to love the whole of South & Central America and feel so excited that I have got such a long time here. Lo and I arrived in Buenos Aires and have been constantly wowed by it. We have been staying in the San Telmo area, which is very bohemian, full of cafes and bars. The city itself is very large and easy to get lost, which of course we did ( a few times!). We have fully explored the city and every day we find a new place that we havent seen before. It feels very European in BsAs. The people are so stylish and beautiful and they certainly know how to party.. The night life in BsAs is fantastic, ... read more
Narrow streets of Buenos Aires
Cant remember what it is, but its lovely...
Argentinas No 1 attraction!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 7th 2005

For those of you sitting at home holding a baby, it´s really rubbish here so don´t bother reading any further! The sun was shining and we had somewhat high hopes for Buenos Aires; the guidebooks talked it up and showed some beautiful photos, but most of what we saw was typical city. There´s a lot of traffic, loads of buses and lorries spewing clouds of diesel fumes everywhere. However we did see some of what the guidebooks showed us, and it was good. (Mel: I saw a lot of potential for shopping). After a day of exploring we felt hungry. Unfortunately, we haven´t quite worked out the new way of life yet though as Argentinians eat at 10pm and it was only 7pm. We proudly ordered our first meal (in Spanish) and watched as a huge ... read more
The Obelisk
Don´t cry for me Argentina
Bye bye, BA

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 5th 2005

We arrived in Buenos Aires from Igazzu and after a couple of hours walk and getting lost due to a map being wrong, we eventually found suitable accommodation that had vacancies and was in a good location. We could finally get down to planning our time in Buenos Aires. We booked a few trips through the travel agency at the Youth Hostel International, a Tango Show, a Football Match (Racing v's River a Buenos Aires Derby), and polo match (a chance to hobnob with Buenos Aires high society). After which it was time to hit the shops, it took Sue no time at all to start doing what seemed like some serious damage to our budget until we relized how little we were actually spending and with tax free shoping we got quite a large proportion ... read more
Jazz Bar
At the Racing Stadium
At the Racing Stadium #2

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 4th 2005

The good news is, Duran Duran were, of course, brilliant. The bad news is, we got the camera nicked in the crowd on Friday with all our photos from the last three weeks. Our sum total therefore are the couple on the Blog. New camera bought Saturday. Pics to follow. Friday night we saw Macy Gray. She has very big hair. And then we saw Simple Minds. Jim Kerr´s an idiot, but good to hear some of the old classics. Saturday night we saw Erykah Badu, she also has very big hair. The gigs here start late and finish late. Duran Duran finally hit the stage at 0215. We were down the front, knee deep in mud, aching legs, tired, but we sang loud and danced badly. Most excellent cultural experience. ... read more
Stuck in the mud
He´s the greatest dancer!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 4th 2005

Hola Chicas y Chicos, It is raining now in Bs As. When I first arrived six days ago it was quite hot and humid, then the following days were much more comfortable and sometimes jacket weather. I've only been to Europe once years ago, and this city and its people certainly has that flavor. Except for a few wide boulevards the downtown streets are one-way, narrow and typically congested with cars and people. This city is huge. With almost 12 million it is on par with New York or Tokyo. I've been to three or four different barrios, or neighborhoods, and have only seen a small percent. The people are friendly and quite patient when I practice my broken Spanish. My Spanish class, by the way, was really fun and provided a good routine for my ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 2nd 2005

OKAY, I'm not actually in Argentina. Im in Uruguay, in this sleepy little town in Colonia, but since i'm so behing, i'll just give a quick update on Argentina. I feel horrible i don´t have pictures. But I will put them all on when i get back. So, we´re staying in Palermo Viejo, thanks to my friend jessica making me go to this party at 11p on a thursday night in brooklyn, where i met Luis. Luis rented us this apartment (you should rent from him, too! thanks luis, Boca just won a big game in Santiago). Palermo is like Thayer street in Providence or...the east village in NY without the rats and the dirt and the scary kids with the chains (i so wanted to be one of them a long time ago...but thats another ... read more
Lanin Street
Where Tango Started!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 2nd 2005

Hello.... Just a short one this´s just a city!!!....albeit a very cool city. We had a great time in BA..lots of walking and trying to eat with the locals (i.e. waiting around starving until 10pm and then being the first in the restaurant) Anyway...I´ve managed to eat almost a whole cow...we´ve tried the best steak house in BA (does that make it the best in the world), but to be honest we´ve had better in other less ´famous´places. The only disapponitment was not getting to see Boca juniors playing, as they did so well in some South American competition that they didnt come home and so cancelled the game we were due to see. For any footie fans, we did get to tour the stadium...what a place that would have been to see a game...the ... read more
Lou in front of the place
One for Mum
Full chuckle.....

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 2nd 2005

While booking ourselves onto a wine tour in Mendoza, the girl at the hostel we´re staying at happens to mention that Aerolineas Argentinas (the national airline, who we´ve booked a flight to Buenos Aires with tomorrow) are on strike and have been for nearly a week. We have to get there. Duran Duran are playing. Our room in our posh hostel has cable TV. Flick round the channels and find a live heated union debate with the workers from the socialist airline. The company have now started sacking people, so the strike is on for a while... Oh dear, this means a 13 hour bus journey back to Buenos Aires overnight. But the God of 80´s Pop Music is looking down on us and (with the help of an incredibly chatty and helpful travel agent, Francisco) ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 2nd 2005

OKAY! I just had to give you all some advice. Do i give advice? I don´t think so. Well i'm starting today. 1. Never be afraid to go anywhere because people tell you it isn´t safe (this of course, does not apply to Chechnya, Iraq or Antartica). What's the worse that'll happen? You don´t like the place and you spend your vacation in your hotel room. AT LEAST YOUR NOT WORKING (nobody sent this to my boss, right?) 2. Lonely Planet guidebooks are okay but Rough Guides RULE....which i'm realizing after i left mine on my bed at home in New York. It has more details, times, open hours, maps yadda yadda. Oh Rough Guide Rough Guide....why have you left me? 3. You can pay for your trip when you're old. They have BankBoston ATMs here. ... read more

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