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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 19th 2006

"In line with your salza stories apparently the tango singer Carlos Gardel (1890-1935) is still worshipped like a god. Every year thousands make a pilgrimage to his grave, climb up to the life-sized statue, and place a lit cigarette between its fingers. You know what to do billy and dont forget to post up the photo... that is if you can take on the Wogeo TM challenge" Okey dokey! Well, as you know, I don´t smoke, but we´ll see what we can do!! Classes still rattling on. I´m hoping she wants to get through everything quickly and leave loads of time to practice........ read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 19th 2006

Not satisfied with waterfalls from one side we had a look at the other.. The Argentinian side was immense, taking us close to the individual falls. It was an amazing 44 C which meant for hot work but and amazing day. According to the resident guides they were trying to build us up so by the time we saw la Garganta del Diablo (the big one) we were right in the zone.... It was amazing. For the next few days we deteriorated - Dave´s sunstroke turned out to be stomach upset which knocked us both out for days - we´ll spare you the details. We managed to leave the sweat pit of Iguaçu and headed for Corrientes, hoping for cooler weather. Unlucky!! This sleepy little dock on the River Parana was also baked in sunshine. The ... read more
Rio Graffiti
The Iguacu Falls
Cheesy "Us at Iguacu" picture

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 19th 2006

Well, lessons seem to be going well. Marisa is still flying along at a cracking pace. Means I´m learning a lot but I´m not quite sure how much is sinking in! Last night we went to a salsa class. Unfortunately it started an hour before we arrived, so they were already doing some fairly advanced stuff. So I, and some others of the less well coordinated students from school found a table, sat, drank, watched, pointed and laughed. Which was fun. Eventually some of the Brazilian students from the school arrived. Being Brazilian, dancing is in their blood, and they all looked amazing. So towards the end of the class I let one of them teach me a little. After the class it just turns into a club, and the salsa coninues til about 4am. It ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 18th 2006

Well we started to go to the cemetery yesterday, took a little break in a cafe and found out from our guidebook that it closes at 6, and we get out of class at 6. So we had our afternoon snack and then walked (seemed like the entire length of the city!) an hour and a half to meet people for dinner. We went to this sushi place that offered all you can eat sushi for 44 pesos. Expensive in Buenos Aires standards, but for my 15 dollars I got three maki rolls and lobster/vegetable tempura. Not too shabby. And the place was one of the chicest places that I´ve ever been to. Mirrored New York a little. Afterwards we went to have a drink (a $3 mojito) at a bar in the area, and found ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 17th 2006

I’ve looked through all the pictures that made it back to the states with me over and over and I still can’t believe that we pulled off this last minute trip to see becki off on her next career choice in Argentina…how’s that going by the way?.. ;) We left this country two weeks ago expecting to find summer and a great tan in South America, we found that and much more. Well, Kriss and Beck found more of a sunburn..but I’m sure it will turn =). The trip started out with the same for all of us with insanely long flights and overnight bus rides and ended very differently for each of us with our luggage about to burst with all the things we had picked up. And Becki was just getting started as she ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 17th 2006

Dunno if I spelt that correctly, but it´s an amazing herb and spice sauce that they have with their beef here. Which IS the best beef in the world, I´m afraid. Just thought I´d let you know. Anyway, had my first class yesterday. Looks like I lucked out again. The teacher, Marisa, is hot. As far as students go there´s me, 3 young Swedish gals, and a young lady from the US. Billy strikes again!!! Apart from being easy on the eye, Marisa seems to be a really good teacher too, so hopefully I´ll learn quite a bit in these 4 weeks in BA. The weather has improved now. Yesterday evening the school took all the newcomers on a tour of la Boca, the barrio with the multi-coloured houses, including the bonbonera, the chocolate box, home ... read more
Houses in la Boca

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 16th 2006

Ok I am a bit late in publishing this one! First weekend in Buenos Aires, mainly dedicated to visits of touristic areas. First of all as a family tradition, the Ricoleta cimetery where most of the main argentinian characters are buried (presidents, national heroes...). Then, I went to the "Bellas Artes" Museum where there is an outstanding collection of European artists from the XX century (Modigliani, Picasso, Rodin, Monet, Manet.....) . As it was saturday and the sun was shining...I had my 1st real Argentinian steak...And the reputation is not a is damn good!!!!Then I finished the day by walking in the center Plaza San Martin, Anevida 9 de Julio.....It is a rerally interresting city with so different styles. You can find some really modern buildings with shoping malls like in the US and 2 ... read more
Cimentiero de Ricoleta 2
Cimentiero de Ricoleta 3
Avenida 9 de Julio

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 15th 2006

Palermo. Avenue Cordoba. Daniel Wasser Spanish School (DWS). Tango lessons. We walked all over the entire city. We walked to the point of collapse- up and down Ave. Sante Fe, in lieu of taking the subte (subway). We shopped- stores, stores, stores, from Recoleta and the city´s microcenter all the way back to Palermo. Nearer our apt. in Palermo, on the country-named streets (Guatemala, El Salvador) we found the best stores for us- fashionable boutiques selling the cutest summer clothes for rock bottom prices. It rained nearly every day, and when not raining it was sweltering. I liked San Telmo even more than Palermo, and Belgrano is nearly as livable. We walked from the antique market in San Telmo on Sunday after a long, long Saturday of walking in Uruguay (Colonia) and a windy, windy afternoon ... read more
Tango Show
The LG Tango Show
Mas Carne

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 15th 2006

Didn´t come here for this!!! Ah well. Yesterday I met some guys from the language school, and we all went to Argentinas biggest theme park. It was quite lame, but in an entertaining way! There was myself, the other guy in my homestay, Mark, an English couple John and Paula, A French-Canadian gal, Isabelle, a young Brazilian lad Pedro, and three Swiss guys, whose names I´m not quite sure I remember! Anyway, after the park we all went to the pub, and John decided to introduce everyone to the great british drinking game. A game of 21 ensued, en español, much to the amusement and entertainment of the bar staff and local population and much to the annoyance of the Swiss guys, who just couldn´t get the hang of it and ended up really quite drunk. ... read more
Bungee swing thing!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 14th 2006

On my last day in Pto. Madryn i finally got to go diving. the local newspaper had this big article about how all the local operators were complaining about all the lost business due to the unseasonal weather. The first dive was on this wreck about 5 years old and 30 meters down. the sea was rough, the water was cold, and it was the first time that i used a 7mm wetsuit. the first 10m descent was the most difficult, and after following the guide line down was much easier. my camera case underwater is perfectly neutral bouyant, so all i had to do was swim and push it around. Back to the wreck, since it is a fairly new one, there is no hard coral forming at this point. All surfaces were covered by ... read more
more fishy friends
not so ancient wreck
debbie feeding herman, not make that jose

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