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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 13th 2006

Well, that´s it for Brazil. Didn´t leave nearly enough time for it, but hey! They say you should learn Spanish before Portuguese, so maybe I´ll come back another time to learn Portuguese and do the country the justice it deserves. 2nd day in Florianopolis I was able to enjoy more fully some of it´s finer aspects... I visited Praia Mole. It´s basically Ipanema beach Posto 9 in Rio, with clear water and no high rises. Justs endless bikini clad totty.... Heaven on earth! Had a party on the beach in the evening. Met a cute gal from Buenos Aires, who after less than 2 minutes was running all over the beach to get pen and paper so she could give me her email and phone number so we can meet up there. Everyone is so friendly ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 13th 2006

Just when we were getting to know our little town of Puerto Iguazu we have to leave to fly back to Buenos Aries...The city that does not wake up until 11pm. Argentina has lived up to its name for the best steak!!! We went out last night and had the most amazing steak dinner with wine and all sorts of goodies... The more we walk around this city the more beautiful it gets, every corner we turn there is a great restaurant or giant historical buildings...the avenues are lined with the big green trees, it reminds me of New York but more green and safer... The catch to this city or country for that matter is that they do things in the most complicated way our hotel guy said...¨We do things a little slow here¨ ... read more
Somewhere Over Argentina
Street in Buenos Aries

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 12th 2006

So 1 more day at work and just a few more sleeps until Matt and I reach Buenos Aires, the Tango city! Can't wait! Keep an eye on this site as we will use this to keep you posted on all our travel plans! katie and matt... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Bahía Blanca January 10th 2006

Since we had expected many more comments from you, we have decided to offer a brand new argentinian original mate mug (see picture) to the one that will post the major number of posts in our blog. Actually at some point the quality of the post may become important... and anyway it will be us that will decide who the winner is. I know this is strongly antidemocratic...but you know the world is not just. Anyway write!! Ciao ragazzi, ci aspettavamo molti piu' commenti... siamo un po' delusi. Ok, vi potete ancora rifare. Anzi per rendere il tutto un po' piu' competitivo abbiamo deciso di mettere in palio un mate nuovo fumante (vedi foto) a chi fara´piu´commenti (ok la qualita' e´anche importante, e comunque alla fine decidiamo noi...). Provateci!!... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 9th 2006

English Here we are. 53 years and 2 days after Che. After some millions of others which tried to emulate his trip, it is our turn to start from Buenos Aires to discover Latin America. Actually, here this city does not look as it is in any other continent but Europe. Buildings look european, people behave as in Europe, and the food... well it is great! On top of this everything is so cheap. The prices are like in Europe, the only difference is the value of the peso... it's like feeling suddenly three times richer. We arrived here on the 6th of January, after 16-hour trip from Venice, stopping in Madrid to catch the connecting flight to Buenos Aires. Now we are staying in the aristocratic-high class barrio "La Recoleta". Here it seems like being ... read more
Mate for beginners
Playing tango in San Telmo...
... and dancing tango in San Telmo

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 7th 2006

We have made it to Buenos Aries safe and sound despite the fact that ten minutes before we boarded our plane to South America I got a call from becki saying they could no longer meet us and it would be less complicated if we found our way from the airport to them and she gave an address to the hotel and said hope to see you after you land...hee hee. The hardest part was that our planes flew in an hour apart from eachother so we had to find eachother in the airport..that was fun. But Janine and I found that if you stare blankly at someone they will start to speak enlish after a few it was not that bad. The hotel the girls landed is perfect, it is right in the middle ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 6th 2006

We made it!!! Well after 18 hours on the bus ride from hell we finally made it to Buenos Aires. We arrived on New Years Eve to a very quiet and surprisingly sleepy BA, something very few people get to experience. Due to our last minute planning we ended up staying in a bit of a shithole so we quickly were up and out to explore the city. It only takes a short stroll in the city and you immediately fall in love with it. The architecture, the people, the food, the art, the energy was absolutely amazing. "The Paris of South America" (Jen: You can tell John LOVED Buenos Aires...) Our first day there we got to take in a lot of the major sights, starting on Ave 9 de Julio (the widest street in ... read more
See the streets really were empty New Years day!
Flower sculpture...the flower closes at night
Another random building John took a picture of...we have lots of pictures...

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 6th 2006

Just after New Year I headed to Buenos Aires. With hardly anyone on the double level bus, I got the chance to ride up front with the bus drivers. There, drinking Mate with Sprite, listening to Reggaeton to stay awake, and to my disbelief, tossing all of the trash out the window to the beautiful countryside, they tried to convince me that bus drivers are expert road warriors. Even though they had not had a day off in 42 days, and slept less than four hours per night on a tiny bed under the bus, they could easily make out the light signals from other drivers on the road at night. Double flashing lights coming towards you means that there is an oncoming car in your lane; two left blinks from the vehicle in front of ... read more
Madres de la Plaza de Mayo
Antiques Market in San Telmo
Street Performer in San Telmo

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 5th 2006

Ok so this is it, the night before I take off to South America and I’ve just started packing. We just received our first email from the girls who got there before us and all it said was "we need to cancel our current hostel reservations and book new hotels..details to follow" hhmmm so at least our trip is off to a good start. =) So far we've booked our hotels and hostels with the mentality of Hotel with Irish Pub = Sounds good to me! It seemed to work well that way in Costa Rica. Tomorrow my flight leaves at 2pm and I arrive in Buenos Aries at 10am...since i'm flying BY MYSELF wish me luck! And Janine is also flying solo she gets in an hour ahead of me. And hopefully we will ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 5th 2006

From Montevideo we headed to Buenos Aires for New Year, where we met up with a friend Chico who we’d met at Iguaçu Falls. The people of Buenos Aires seem akin to vampires, eating at midnight, heading out at about 3a.m and then partying till way past breakfast. The climate in Buenos Aires was fantastic, beautiful blue skies and baking hot Sun. We had about a week to enjoy the city and got to explore quite a lot of it, mainly on James’ magical mystery tours which were always good fun. One such wandering took us the area of La Boca, home of Tango, painted houses and the Boca Junior’s stadium. We toured the stadium, which was pretty disappointing really. It was quite dilapidated and smaller than expected, though I think filled with 70,000 odd ... read more
La Boca football stadium
Obelisk in Central BA
Buenos Aires waterfront

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