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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 2nd 2005

Hello.... Just a short one this´s just a city!!!....albeit a very cool city. We had a great time in BA..lots of walking and trying to eat with the locals (i.e. waiting around starving until 10pm and then being the first in the restaurant) Anyway...I´ve managed to eat almost a whole cow...we´ve tried the best steak house in BA (does that make it the best in the world), but to be honest we´ve had better in other less ´famous´places. The only disapponitment was not getting to see Boca juniors playing, as they did so well in some South American competition that they didnt come home and so cancelled the game we were due to see. For any footie fans, we did get to tour the stadium...what a place that would have been to see a game...the ... read more
Lou in front of the place
One for Mum
Full chuckle.....

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 2nd 2005

While booking ourselves onto a wine tour in Mendoza, the girl at the hostel we´re staying at happens to mention that Aerolineas Argentinas (the national airline, who we´ve booked a flight to Buenos Aires with tomorrow) are on strike and have been for nearly a week. We have to get there. Duran Duran are playing. Our room in our posh hostel has cable TV. Flick round the channels and find a live heated union debate with the workers from the socialist airline. The company have now started sacking people, so the strike is on for a while... Oh dear, this means a 13 hour bus journey back to Buenos Aires overnight. But the God of 80´s Pop Music is looking down on us and (with the help of an incredibly chatty and helpful travel agent, Francisco) ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 2nd 2005

OKAY! I just had to give you all some advice. Do i give advice? I don´t think so. Well i'm starting today. 1. Never be afraid to go anywhere because people tell you it isn´t safe (this of course, does not apply to Chechnya, Iraq or Antartica). What's the worse that'll happen? You don´t like the place and you spend your vacation in your hotel room. AT LEAST YOUR NOT WORKING (nobody sent this to my boss, right?) 2. Lonely Planet guidebooks are okay but Rough Guides RULE....which i'm realizing after i left mine on my bed at home in New York. It has more details, times, open hours, maps yadda yadda. Oh Rough Guide Rough Guide....why have you left me? 3. You can pay for your trip when you're old. They have BankBoston ATMs here. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 30th 2005

Hey all, Back in one of my favourite places....Buenos it here. Its kinda convienient that mum has a place here now the sweet thing cause it means i can pop over whenever i feel the urge to party till 8am and live in one of the best cities in the world for steak and nightlife!!!! We arrived here on the 27th of October but i thought i would give it a chance to settle before i wrote another epic about adventures and blah blah blah.... The first order of business was to go and pick up Gaz and B-dog off the bus from their mammoth 20 hour journey from a place called San Martin de los Andes, which is a place right on the border of Argentina and Chile. Then the next order was to ... read more
Iguazu Falls 2
Pimp fro
Me and the Old mate

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 29th 2005

Hola! Spent yesterday over the border in Uruguay, taking in the sights. I'm not sure if it was because I had come from Buenos Aires, but Uruguay seemed very relaxed and laid back; maybe a little too laid back, it seemed a little off-kilter simehow. Anyway, it was full of cobbled streets, old spanish and portuguese buildings, lots of bougainvillea and people zippig around on scooters. Not having sealegs, the three hour ferry ride was mostly spent on the upper decks in the fresh air, and within running distance of the lee-side of the boat (just in case). The view on the way back to Buenos Aires was much better, getting to see the sun set over the river, and then the city lights as we came into port after dark. It seems very strange to ... read more
Japanese Garden
nesting bird
Japanese Gardens

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 27th 2005

Feeling slightly bored, and for the change in scenery I moved to the Milhouse hostel about a week ago. Situated downtown, near the business center of Buenos Aires, the hostel is in a three storey house, and is the home to over 160 people. Life here is very hectic, people seem to come and go all the time and the place itself has a more business feel to it then 'El Firulete'. Milhouse caters for the needs of a variety of guests, it organises trips to a large number of social events including football matches, tango shows and barbecues. There´s a large bar, TV room, pool table, laundry service, and even an in-house travel agent. I guess the only drawback is the highly inflated prices. The hostel seem to live up to its reputation of having ... read more
Milhouse 2
Asado at ElFirulete, Chris & Friend in corner

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 26th 2005

Also do emol e paar erschti Idrück vo BA. Ich han es mittlers Hotel z mitzt im Zentrum gfunde - sehr bequem zum z fuess e bitz go d stadt erkunde - uf dr andere Site halt au bitz lut - aber das bin ich jo vom Mässplatz z Basel gwohnt. Vo dr Stadt bin ich sehr positiv überrascht. Si verbindet dr Charme vo Paris mit de alte schöne Hüserfasade und de vielne Platane-Allee, mit em Klima vo Miami und em Läbensstil vo de Cubaner. Alles in allem e sehr vibrierendi Mischig. Ha mi au nie unsicher gfühlt in däne paar Täg (OK, bi au nid mit em Fotiapparat und dr Golduhr in d Vorstädt go luege) - aber wenn s z Nacht am 10i imene Stadtpark no kleini Kinder elai uf em Spielplatz am spiele ... read more
Einfach so ein Park
Die Business Area

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre November 25th 2005

So, Jane´s Birthday is coming up and we´re now on our way to Tigre. It´s only 30k´s outside of Buenos Aires, and is the gateway to all of the Delta, which is only accessible by boat. Tigre itself, doesn´t have any suitable accommodation for this auspicious occasion. So, after several hours of conversations in the tourist office, and several pained Spanglish telephone conversations - we are on our way... An hour on the boat, passing loads of beautiful, expensive riverside properties and we´re soon arriving at ALPENHAUS, our Austrian themed Argentinian retreat for the next two days (obvious Birthday choice). We are greeted by Susan, who was dressed in her full traditional Austrian costume - a sight we weren´t really prepared for! Our room is very comfortable, the pool is excellent, the beer is cold and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 24th 2005

Arrived back in BA looking forward to the hotter weather and got it with the temp over 30 degrees everyday. We're staying in San Telmo which is the oldest area of BA and tango central. It is a slightly run down area with lots of cool old buildings and plenty of atmosphere and loads of little bars and cafes. Spent our first couple of days back after the wilds of Patagonia, in the shops and looking around San Telmo. We did go see the Madres De Plaza Mayo which are a group of mothers who have been marching around Plaza Mayo every Thursday at 3:30 for an hour since the 'Dirty War' (in the 70's a military dictatorship took over the country and abducted any leftish person who opposed them) in protest over how their sons ... read more
Don´t cry for me argentina....yes the balcony
Madres De Plaza Mayo
Madres De Plaza Mayo March

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 23rd 2005

We got the boat back from Montevideo (Nick, your copy of the Full Montyvideo is on it´s way) to Buenos Aires on Monday and spent another couple of days in this Great City. It´s like being in a European city with Indian prices ... so clean toilets AND cheap beer! We´ve walked around many areas of Buenos Aires and haven´t found one we don´t like. We´ve watched a Tango show which Brucie would have been proud to compere - instead we had a smooth Argentian crooner leading the way. We´ve wandered around antique markets and almost bought some bedside tables but realised our rucksacks are quite full already. But I think we really fell in love with Buenos Aires when we spotted a poster advertising a 2-day music festival, which, wait for it, DURAN DURAN are ... read more

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