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January 18th 2009
Published: September 30th 2017
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No, I didn't pee my pants! It was a bit of a rainy walk to the bus station, this morning.
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The two hot girls sleeping in the bunk beneath me the previous night were replaced with a couple of loud, obnoxious girls with what I think is a Scandinavian accent. They kept coming in and out of the room, talking loudly and making all kinds of noise. I should've just joined the party out back last night - I went to bed at 11:00, but couldn't get to sleep until 3 or 4 AM, between the heat, the noise out back, and the two obnoxious girls.

Up at 7:15 - blah! Unfortunately, I ended up scaring the Calgary Cuties - I didn't see them this morning, but wanted to leave my email address. I knew they were in a private room, but wasn't sure which one, and was in such a rush to catch my bus that I wasn't thinking properly. I didn't want to just slide my email under the door without being sure if it was their room, so stupid me, I quietly opened their door, hoping to verify if it was them, and leave my email on their night stand. I had forgotten about the problems they've had with the hostel workers ...

I ended up scaring

At the Montevideo Buquebus terminal - though I was starving, I only had enough Uruguayan pesos left to buy a small container of cheese Pringles. I suppose I could have used some Argentinean pesos or US dollars, but they would end up giving me change back in Uruguayan pesos, which I was trying to get rid of.
the poor girls! They quickly sat up in bed with a look of shock on their faces, but look relieved once they saw it wasn't a creepy hostel guy, only a creepy Canadian backpacker. I didn't have much time, so I sheepishly apologized and gave them my email address. We wished each other safe travels and I was out the door - if I never hear back from them again, it's probably because I creeped them out!

Rainy and windy, I was soaked by the time I got to the bus station. With the cold, at least I wasn't soaking in sweat - but my calves were burning badly, as I walked at a good clip. Despite the miserable conditions, I chuckled as I walked - I came across a beach bar that still had bass blaring at 8:15 AM. Those South Americans know how to party!

At the station, a porter loading our bags onto the bus was very vocally soliciting tips - I ignored him, as he acted like he was entitled to something, and had a terrible attitude. Even asking nicely is bad, but it's terrible when you're an ass about it.

The plan for the bus

On board - accepting Argentinean pesos and giving change in kind, I finally grabbed some food. Chicken caesar wrap - it looked and tasted putrid, but it was my own fault for not being in the mood for a conventional sandwich, thus choosing this crap wrap. It was quite mushy, but the meal was salvaged by some good fruit juice.
- eat the leftover banana from the other day and pass out, because I need some sleep! Unfortunately, the banana was pummeled on the way to the station and didn't provide much sustenance, since I was only able to eat about half of it.

I slept for as much of the two-hour ride to Montevideo as possible. The seas were stormy today, so hopefully there aren't any delays with the ferry to BA. The ferry terminal here definitely isn't as new and shiny as the Buquebus terminal in BA.

I napped a good while on board - it seems like I only sleep while in transit, and never wherever I am spending the night. This lack of sleep is making me weak, and I'm getting sick - I need to survive until I get back to Canada, my body can fall apart then! I kept waking up, scratching myself - I have bug bites all over my back, arms, and legs. This also kept me up last night ... I wondered if the hostel was infested with bed bugs? Nasty ...

After some journal writing and some more napping, I was back in BA. It was a lazy day and not

El Trapiche was dead, usually a bad sign for a restaurant, but don't forget that it's Argentina, where eating at 8 PM is like having dinner in Canada at 5 PM. I was the only person in the restaurant, until three other Asians walked in.
too hot out, so I walked to the hostel from the Buquebus terminal. Back to Hostel Florida - it's not the greatest place, but it's conveniently located, so it's good enough. I checked in, and went off to grab a cortado.

It was a long travel day, so I didn't do much but wander around a bit. Back to Palermo for an early dinner around 8 PM, since it seems to be the place for a decent meal around town. Dinner was at El Trapiche, a place recommended by the guidebook.

Needing to digest after having a big meal, I asked the nice old waiter to suggest a good place for a walk - he told me to walk down streets I had already been through a few days ago, but I did it again anyway, figuring it would be different at night. The weather was perfect for a stroll - nice and cool. Palermo was still hopping, even though it was a Sunday.

Funny sight - there was a stray dog sleeping on the sidewalk, and it was clutching a teddy bear between its front legs, much like a small child would. It would've made a great photo, but

In the bathroom - I couldn't figure out what the heck that bulb by the sink was for. I squeezed it, twisted it, and yanked on it, but nothing happened.
I didn't take one, figuring that I could do it on my way back, but the dog had left by the time I had returned.

Given that the metro system in BA closes quite early, I rushed back to the nearest station - one of the entrances was chained up, and I noticed a tourist couple looked a bit confused, so I offered a hand. We all hopped on the same metro line and chatted for a while. Peter and Mary, a nice Irish couple - maybe we should start our own folk band, and name it Peter, Pat, and Mary! They ended up giving me some suggestions for things to see in Ireland. Sounds cool - I hope I can see it soon! Anyway, it sounds like they are doing an extended trip, and combining it with some church obligations.

They ended up transferring metro lines, but I didn't, so we said goodbye and went our separate ways. Back at the hostel - there was a German guy who spoke excellent Spanish, so good that I initially thought he might have been from Spain. I never caught his name, but he looked a lot like a chubbier version of Jason

I had a tiny little bottle of a lovely Malbec, which unfortunately, didn't do anything to improve the taste of the bad bread I was served - hard and dry.
Statham, from the Transporter movies.

He mentioned wanting to go to Canada one day to visit his friend, and we laughed about how travelers invariably end up seeing more of other countries than their own. We also commented on the severe lack of Spanish tourists around BA - the guy worked for Iberia airlines and noted that there are tons of direct flights from Madrid to BA, but was surprised at how few Spaniards he had seen here. So I'm not the only person wondering this - Spanish women ... where the heck are you???

Working for Iberia definitely has its advantages - he flew to Buenos Aires on standby for only $38 USD!!! But if I were him, I'd instead fly to Spain every weekend. And think of all the other perks - working for a Spanish airline means you would be working with Spanish females ... ah ... the lovely flight attendants of Spain ...

Bizarre - there was another guy in our room, Claus from Brazil. Turns out the hostel had given us both keys to the SAME locker. Not very secure here, is it? And another thing that pissed me off - I noticed the hostel advertising a tango

There were also a few small packs of breadsticks, with one of them ripped open - that can't be good ... does this mean they re-used or re-filled the basket of bread that I was served??? After having been stuck with very little food all morning, I stole the other unopened bags of breadsticks. Better to have crappy food in case of emergency, than no food at all.
lesson, show, and dinner, with Tango Complejo, the company that GAP Adventures booked us with. The problem? We paid almost $100 CAD - the hostel was only charging $65. Something just wasn't right about that whole GAP experience ...

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House special - mushroom steak. It wasn't as massive as what the waiter described, but still sizable. The mushrooms were canned - I don't understand why a restaurant would use them. If you can't get fresh button mushrooms, there must be some other kind you can get - chanterelles, oysters, portabellos, or any kind of local varieties. The flavour of the canned mushrooms was a detriment to the dish, but it was still welcome to see SOME kind of vegetables on my plate. The sauce wasn't that great, but it was a nice cut of beef - tender, juicy, and tasty. But it was missing something ... I kept adding salt, but it didn't help much. It was lacking that certain oomph that makes a great steak. The side dish was yummy little fried potato balls - they may have even been chickpeas, I really couldn't tell. The sauce went better with the fried balls than it did with the steak. There was a lot of cilantro on the dish - interesting, but not sure if I liked how it was used. While not a great meal, it was still great value - it probably cost half as much as a similar meal back home. I finished up my meal, and my journal writing - I've finally caught up! With all the good food, good friends, and good conversation for the past few weeks, I haven't had much opportunity to write. As such, I've been several days behind in my journal until now.

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