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October 16th 2011
Published: October 16th 2011
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Last night i decided to go to a bar in Palermo to practice my spanish. There's a program in the city called Spanglish where Argentines and foreigners can come together to practice both spanish and English. Everyone has 4 different partners and talks for 5-10 minutes in English and then switches to Spanish. I really enjoyed it and think I'll go again on Tuesday. I was really proud of myself for going though because I went by myself. I know it doesn't sound like that big of a deal but I don't do very many things by myself except go to school. But I looked up the address, found the bus, got off on the right stop and after wandering around a bit found the place. It was really neat to be able to talk to Argentines, especially because they were so patient with me. It was cool too to see how much they wanted to speak english, and made me realize that I also have to speak slowly and clearly so they can understand. I talked to 4 different people...1 architect, 1 old woman (who wasn't very pleasant actually), 1 younger argentine, and 1 columbian that is studying in Buenos Aires. I really liked talking to the younger people. For some reason I feel less nervous and can speak more fluently when I speak with people of my age. The columbian and i started talking about how much we love salsa and bachata, and invited me out dancing with them after. I kind of wish i had gone but i had all of my stuff with me and i generally don't like to bring anything when i go to a boliche. so I headed home (after waiting for the bus for 30 minutes at 11:30 at night.) Looks like i'll be back at spanglish on Tuesday!


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