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July 29th 2005
Published: July 30th 2005
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no seno seno se

in the recoleta
hey guys.... time for another update!! well, last time i wrote i was learning about the cosmopolitian lifestyle. this time i want to talk about how i have personally grown the past two weeks...

my ultime favorite song is "One" by U2. the last part of the song:
"One love, one blood, one life, you got to do what you should.
One life with each other: sisters, brothers.
One life, but we're not the same.
We get to carry each other, carry each other.
One, one."

just being here i have constantly been singing that part in my head. before it was so difficult to imagine a different lifestyle, different ways of doing the same thing. everyday i see and learn different ways of living. for example, here, i have learned how to eat differently. take my time, enjoy each and every bite, talk.. another example, the "rock on" hand signal means something completely different here and should not be used... i can go on but i dont want to bore. talking to locals, brazillians, europeans, i realize how naive i am.. the US way is not the only or best way. everyday i realize how there are so

more buuildings
many 'people in the world. we are one, we are all equal. no one is better or has more value than another. we all need the same bare necessities, yet we are so different. ( i dont know if this is making any sense.. i am just quickly typing my thoughts because i have to leave soon).. we are not the same. and we must help each other,show each other new ways, share our ideas, our customs, our thoughts. i have been so grateful that everyone has been patient with me. the locals help me with espanol, so do my dormates.. i just feel like a sponge constantly soaking up new things.. it is quit overwhelming...

side note; i hate how america does not use the metric system. as i become more accoustomed to it, i do not see why we do not use it. it is so simple and makes so much more sense.

i have noticed that my spanish has definitly improved. my pronounciation is muy better and i can definitly understand more. i can also manage to say simple sentences and talk in past tense using imperfect and simple past tense!!

here everyone smokes

view outside
all the time. you go to restuarants and they all have signs saying no smoking allowed, yet at all the table they provide ash trays and really do not care. it kind of gets annoying the smoke becuase you can never escape the smell and all my clothes have the stench.

the tango show i saw was very good. the tango is a beautiful dance. the way they move and kick the legs... it is gorgeous. the show told a story through music and dancing. very entertaining. the guys would pick the girls up and swing them and then kick their legs while the girl was in the air... the tango is elegant and seductive yet innocent.

went to a hip hop club the other night. the south american people know american music better than i do! they know all the songs and all the words. i am sad because most of my friends are leaving this weekend. all the brazillians they have to go back to school. the residence is going to be so boring. i hope i can get a visa to visit them.

i dont have any interesting stories to tell right now. the

ricado and nikki
city is wonderful. i have met great people and i am having the time of my life. i wish i would of arrived sooner so i can stay longer.



20th December 2005

Hola amigo, great history you told us, thank you for comes to Argentina, you always welcome, sorry my bad english, and i love U2 with all my heart too, if you want to write me,

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