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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Villa Gesell January 5th 2010

Hello from Buenos Aires! I had such a relaxing, peaceful, beautiful time at Mar Azul (the Beach!!) We left BsAS on Thurs. Had to meet up at Retiro for the bus departing at 10 pm. It is ONLY due to my roommate, who drew me a map and told me EXACTLY what to expect, what to look for, even where to sit and drink coffee (the safe places, where I wouldn't get robbed) where to wait that I was able to (barely!) negotiate the frenzied MOB of people and activity at the Bus Station. Sometimes it comes in handy to have an Argentine Roommate-- I'll admit it. Even though she is INCREDIBLY LOUD in the morning, putting the TV on LOUD and talking on the phone even LOUDER but I digress... We met at Plataforma 37. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Villa Gesell February 1st 2009

Hi guys, Cheers for all the comments. Apparetnly we need to accept hem before you guys can see them and slag us off as a group. So hope you are happy now. Well we have succumbed to the harsh back packing lifestyle and left BA, got on the road. We are in a place called Villa Gesell, by the sea and full of Argy holiday makers. The place is infested at night time. We are staying wih Sinead and two other maes that we met in BA (Martina, of Maria and... is one of them) Good auld craic. We celebrated Sinead birthday two days ago with a BBQ and a lot of drinks, then a visit to a beach bar, where Colie got chatted up by a tranny. What´s new. We didn´t acually go out until ... read more
Shinny´s birthday
In his element

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Villa Gesell December 29th 2008

Ola, Ola, here is the last article of Los Mineros in 2008. Thanks for your continuous support. You are almost 700 persons to have read our last entry. No doubt, one day, we´ll become famous! To increase our popularity, you can also rate our pictures, so we´ll be on the home page of the website. It looks nothing for you, but it would be a great achievement for us. Thanks in advance. San Pedro de Atacama, Chile: We decided to spend few days in the Atacama desert, the driest in the world. San Pedro de Atacama was our only stop in Chile this time but it was much more expensive than what we expected, especially coming from Bolivia. Therefore, we could not do as many excursions as we planned. Not a big loss though as ... read more
Valle de la Luna (Chile)
Jems in the valle de la Conchas
La Boca (Buenos Aires)

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Villa Gesell October 29th 2006

Raúl having missed out on most of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we headed down the coast of Buenos Aires province to the Interbalnearia, an area which comprises a number of beachside resorts. Staying in Villa Gesell and with access to a car, we hoped to explore some of the settlements along the Atlantic seaboard. Given the time of year, Villa Gesell was not yet in full swing. Quite a few of the bars and discos were still shuttered up from the previous summer, though there were some chilled out restaurant-bars such as Sutton 212 and La Vieja Jirafa functioning. The town was fairly quiet and uninspiring, with local disenchanted youth whiling away the evenings in dingy gaming arcades, so we spent the next two days wandering around the nearby resorts of Mar de las ... read more
Mar de las Pampas wildlife
The beach at Mar de las Pampas
Little house on the Pampas

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Villa Gesell July 28th 2005

Estoy aca en gesell... preparando las ultimas cosas para largarme 15 dias a china! el lunes a la noche me voy por la linea aerea hasta washington, chicago y hong kong... desde ahi a pekin! proximamente mas del viaje de anto! Im here at my town (villa Gesell)... Preparing the last stufs to go for 15 days to china! on monday night im taking the airplane to washington, chicago and hong kong...from there im going to pekin! next more from the anto´s travel! PD: Sorry because of my bad english :( ... read more

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