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February 8th 2008
Published: February 15th 2008
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Hey kids! I found myself back in BA with a renewed energy for touring, traveling, exploration, and SuperBowl Fever!!! Being so far removed from all that is american, I didnt even realize that it was superbowl sunday until I was walking along the riverfront in town and saw the sign outside of Hooters - which said - tonight, American Football Finals! 2100 hrs! I did a double take, a reverse translation, and thought, OH MY! SuperBowl Sunday! I cant believe it! And even though I was still mourning the Packers loss a short two weeks previous, I knew that I had to watch the SB and cheer for my BFF Bonnies team, the NY Giants! I was the first to get a table in hooters, but within the next 20 minutes, the place filled up with people from all over the US, including my new friend from Madison! He was sporting a Lambeau shirt, so of course we starting talking and he joined me at my table, along with two guys from Mexico. We were the only people in the bar cheering for the Giants (which always makes it a little more fun to be extra loud and obnoxious!) I noticed all of the NE fans were just sitting there watching the game until I started cheering and yelling at the TV - which finally brought everyone in the bar to the appropriate superbowl fever! The table behind us was incredibly annoying and starting talking smack about the Packers, how rude! Of course that just made it Extra Sweet when the Giants WON! Eat that you Boston bullys!

I spent the next couple of days doing all the appropriate tourist sites in BA...the parliament square, the riverfront, the downtown area, the museums, the Recoleta cemetary, the oblesik, and many many more awesome things and places I saw that I didn't know the names of! I did BA without a guide book, so much of my time was spent wandering the streets and taking pictures, absorbing culture, and stumbling into beautiful architecture, statues, and neighborhoods without actually knowing where I was! It was exhilirating and exhausting! The Recoleta cementary was super interesting....especially for a cementary! Each maseoleum was soo different from the one next to it...some were pure mounuments or small housings for caskets, while others were little homes complete with pictures, keepsakes, and plants inside! Also you could see that some belonged to and entire family, and the caskets went as deep and far as the eyes could see! Wild! The rest of BA holds a surprise around every corner. The downtown of spanish architechture among looming modern business buildings is so intrigueing! As I mentioned in the last BA blog, the food is awesome everywhere, and it is always meat meat and more meat! I met a girl who was a veggie and she said although the country is her favorite in SA, it has the worst food for her - i8 can see why! I started to feel some veggie withdrawl, and once I started to look for it, even as a side dish, on the menus, I could never find it! Maybe one in 4 places would have a mixed veggie side dish, and when I got it, it was usually a pile of what looked like the frozen carrots, peas, and califlower mix! Although each set menu meal was always a salad (just greens) some great meat dish, potatoes, and a glass of wine. And not just a third of a glass like you get in the states.l..a full glass practically pouring over the sides! Nice!

My last full day in BA I took a trip on La Tren de la Coste, which is a tourist train up to a town called Tigre. I took the locals train out there (one hour train ride for about 30 cents) and the fancy, much improved scenic train on the way back. The town is an absolutely beautiful and charming village that much resembles a European getaway on a small river! The architecture was very German in style, and the main draw to the city is its markets and river cruises. I went on a very awesome and informative (in Spanish...I caught about every 4th sentence...yet still informative!) river cruise where I saw so many awesome sights! First of all, there were many abandoned shipwrecks all throughout the river! So many huge ships were just left to rot and collect rust there on the river banks! We also passed many restaurants and resorts that were accessible only via the river, so they had all the serenity and cosyness of nature, with the access of a city just a short boatride away! There were many people swimming in the super dirty brown water, and life was looking like the good old days of summer! The market had some of the most detailed, amazing craftsmanship I have ever seen! The wicker furniture, blinds, and decorations were soooo meticulous in their detail and the variety of items made out of wicker was astouding! You could sit and watch the artists practice their craft....there was also stained glass stalls, jewelry, candle makers, frame shops....a place where I could have gone crazy redecorating an entire house for not very much money! All I could think of was how much luggage my Mom, Charolotte, and Jeannie would go home with from this town! 😊

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23rd February 2008

Buenos Aires
My neighbor Hector and Rosa was just there last year, now you, I feel like I've been there too! Their stories was amazing and yours is just as fun. Glad you where able to catch the game.

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