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Thursday 9 May to Saturday 11 May After a good night's sleep at the end of my first day in Sierra de la Ventaña, I awoke to a gloriously sunny day - sadly too late to climb Cerro de la Ventaña. I therefore decided to have a bit of a lazy day around the town, enjoying lunch at a local cafe followed by some cheeky churros (a Spanish doughnut for those not familiar with this delicious treat). They were yummy - crisp on the outside, soft in the middle and covered in sugar, as well as still being hot from the fryer. If you've never had them, keep your eyes open on your next trip to Spain or pretty much anywhere in Latin America!!! I then went off to try and sort out my bus ticket ... read more
The View to the Top
Pampas Prettiness
A Room with a View

Tuesday 7 May to Wednesday 8 May It's worth adding the rider here that I felt compelled to travel to my next destination by train, as the long distance bus drivers were striking and no services were running. Having reached my limit with BA I took the advice of my last hostel to go by train. Apparently it's a lovely way to see the scenery and a great alternative! I'm unable to confirm if the statement about the scenery is in fact true, but can say I didn't find it a great alternative... So, at 7pm on Tuesday night I boarded my first class coach on the train to Sierra de la Ventana. Mmmmm...I thought perhaps I had got on at the wrong door, but soon realised no this is First Class trains, Argentina styleeee - ... read more
Down the Tracks
Tourist Info Office
Road Signs - Sierra Style

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Sierra de La Ventana September 22nd 2012

We break up our journey south in a pretty isolated spot but get by through making friends with the local canine population, drinking a lot of red wine and climbing a big hill...we managed not to stalk anyone or do anything particularly tupid for a change. Sierra de la Ventana The thought of a 17 hour bus trip to Puerto Madryn was not in the slightest bit attractive to Ellie or I. We had been looking at potential options to break up the journey but with winter only having just receded the options of beaches at Bahia Blanca and other resorts did not really fit the bill and so were ruled out. The only feasible option this left us with was Tornquist Parque Nacional in the south of Buenos Aires Province. Our reason for coming here ... read more
Ellie and Window
Radio Shack
Bleak Walk

After waiting for two hours in the Junin de los Andes bus station next to the Smelliest Man in History, i got on a very long journey to Bahia Blanca. Upon arriving there, i immediately bought a ticket into the Sierra de la Ventana, one of the nicest hilly parts of the southern pampa. I had two hours of waiting in front of me, so i went into town, which was very refreshing. For the first time since leaving Buenos Aires, i felt like being in the human world again, with all its noise and fumes (not a bad thing after more then a month of quite villages and wilderness). I had a pizza and a beer, and headed buswise to Sierra de la Ventana, where i found a camping spot. The next day was spent ... read more

After yet another 2 hour bus journey we arrive in Sierra de la Ventana to be greeted by quite a pleasant town: small and quiet but one which has a nice feel. Townies retreat to Sierra in summer to get away from the high temperatures in the city and to enjoy the mountain air. We find accommodation without a problem, however the old lady at reception is not very pleased to see us and is quite grumpy. We later realise it´s probably because we arrived slap bang in the middle of siesta....Oops! Having arrived quite late in the day the only thing we can do is take a stroll around town so we visit the dyke at Rio Sauce Grande and enjoy a great view of the town from the top of Cerro Amor (Hill ... read more
Rio Sauce Grande
Definitely no trains coming!
Cloud covered Cerro Ventana

Hey all, We´ve made another stop on the way to "La Capital Federal". We´re in Sierra de la Ventana, a small town near some of the oldest mountains in South America. Depending on which source you believe, the mountains are either about 2 billion years (guidebook) or 260 million years (park). Someone´s grasp of the base ten number system seems to be questionable. Sierra de la Ventana is in the Pampas Region of Argentina. The town is named after a mountain,Cerro Ventana, that has a ¨window¨in it. The mountains were created through sedimentation and uplifting. What is now the Ventana used to be the opening of a cave. The rest of the cave fell away, leaving just the opening. Thus, with the window being so popular, we had to hike up to it. The hike was ... read more
Entrance to Parque Regional Ernesto Tornquist
Hiking up the trail
Looking at the "window"

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