Gaucho time in San Antonio de Areco....

Published: October 1st 2012
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This is the first of a serie of three blogs coming in the next few days. If you are wondering, yes, we are having an amazing Buenos Aires...around Buenos Aires...and actually all over Argentina!

Argentina is not a gem, it's a mine of gems...left, right, up...down, everywhere we are digging for our adventures, it's all...simply brillant, simply amazing!

The week-end is over...I'm slowly going through the pictures....and these souvenirs will stay is way better....but for now, we give you San Antonio de Areco.

To make it easy I rented a car for the week-end starting Friday just after lunch. First surprise, we landed a 4 categories upgrade. It first didn't make me happy, but we had no choice, they had nothing else available. I tend to love to stay below the radar in Buenos Aires....renting a discret place...and when in need of a car, renting the smaller one possible....well, this time it's cheap...but it's huge...

Traffic was bad...very bad....first stop, home to pick up the bags...and late we were stop...more to pick up Tiffany and Leslie...and late we were again....than we drove through Pilar...more traffic...more time getting stuck! Trust me, commuting is definitively not my thing, not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow!

The drive for the few kilometers was uneventful, even Pilar dowtown didn't attract my attention...well, beside driving by the Pilar Golf Club which look pretty impressive...and pretty private. Than we made it out of Pilar...right in the countryside...right in "Estancia world"...ready to hit San Antonio de Areco.

How not to look as a tourist....easy...just arrive on a Friday evening with the kids still in their school uniforms, never thought of that one before!

San Antonio de Areco is for many a day trip from Buenos Aires....well, not for us, we made it a "night stop". The place is actually pretty small, but it seems to be the gaucho capital of Buenos Aires province. Here it's back to the nature, way back in time...

We stay for the night at a really cute B&B call Antigua Casona. As always, I did my homework, and found out once we arrived that indeed, the place was cute...bare...and pretty gorgeous...could be the setting for a really romantic week-end...well...not really for us this time...more was coming on Saturday....

San Antonio has the same layout of any other small city in the area. First, the place is safe and feel safe...always nice around's small, really small...and we are not into shopping here, so we went for the bars...and the food...

What a dinner....and a nice breakfast after the stay in this relaxing place. Next morning, we went around exploring the town for a good hour by foot. We never did the museum, as it does open at 11am, and we were expected at 11.30am 25km further from here...

Enjoy the pictures, this place is out of this ready for what is coming next...we are just back home, and I can tell you...what's coming next was something...

With love from Argentina....the fun is only starting...

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1st October 2012

So glad you guys are enjoying your new home! It's great seeing all your smiles. Please tell Tiffany and Leslie, "Hi!" :)
1st October 2012

Thanks Michelle!
And see you on Saturday lunch for some great's a small world!
1st October 2012
gauchos time....

Oh wow! That is a FANTASTIC picture PA!! I really like how you captured the mood and the moment. Top rate!
2nd October 2012

rural life
I am glad to know you are enjoying my country. I know San Antonio is exactly what you write in your excellent descriptions. My country is full of those towns, quiet towns where life is simple. I havenĀ“t been to San Antonio yet. I will. Enjoy and take care. Come to Tandil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd October 2012

Hi Graciela....
We will come to Tandil...but it will be anytime in March to till there, not a single week-end is available...I know, it may sound crazy....but I've got friends booking lunch with me....for in...6 weeks time...
4th October 2012

Fantasic photos in this one
Your words and photos make us feel we are exploring with you. The foods look wonderful. Enjoy the gems.
4th October 2012

Thanks a lot MJ, Dave and Andrea
Well, the photos are pretty easy to do with what we had under our hands. Did not expect such blog is ready soon...
5th October 2012

Still jealous :)
Hi Piere, Wow, whenever I want to live vicariously through someone else, I come to your blog. I hope you and the family are well and I look forward to your next update. All the best. James
5th October 2012

Thanks James...
Hopefully, our paths will cross at some stage...and sorry to have to admit, I'm working my way to make sure things are continuing the way they are today...we'll see...

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