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April 24th 2010
Published: April 24th 2010
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Home deliveryHome deliveryHome delivery

Ice cream is delivered to your door in these little containers
Food here was not what i expected. I had thought there would be more of a Latino influence but really the diet is very European.
Meat and potatoes, lots of pasta and cakes and pastries galore.

Coffee and cake is a regular pastime for many people around 5 or 6pm, as the evening meal is eaten around 10pm or later.
The day starts with coffee and pastries around 9am to 10am with a cooked lunch somewhere in between.

Bread is white but crunchy and quite full of substance.

Eating meat is an expected thing, being a vegetarian is not a popular option around here. Asado is the Argentinian BBQ, and the meat is slow cooked over hot embers. Butcher shops are everywhere in La Plata selling great hunks of steak, chicken, some pork but lamb is hard to find around this area. Cuts of meat are similar to Australia, with all the parts of the animal used for various sausages or small goods.

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Welsh teaWelsh tea
Welsh tea

Trevelin has Welsh tea houses which serve up a massive feast that is oh so English

How can you not want to buy this stuff
Strreet hot dogsStrreet hot dogs
Strreet hot dogs

Cooked over hot coals in a puit BBQ
Plaza foodPlaza food
Plaza food

Most plazas have a area to sit and eat and drink

You choose your pasta dish and then choose the type of sauce
The toasterThe toaster
The toaster

These are on very ones gas stoves for toastinjg bread, need one of these for camping
Afternoon teaAfternoon tea
Afternoon tea

This was chocolate cake and icecream, so beautiful in its presentation

This comes in bags and you have a container like this to stand it up in
Pizza for teaPizza for tea
Pizza for tea

Each slice contains one olive, very Italien in style

Comes in bags to as does olives and mayonaisse

The ever present drink for many people, of course you need a thermos

12 pesos for coffee and brownie and they give you a small glass fo water and a chocolate

26th April 2010

Hi Rosemary, Enjoying your blogs! And the bakeries.... Keep enjoying yourself! Linese
29th June 2011

Hey you...
29th June 2011 Hey you, how are you going over there... Looks like your days are pretty full on, hey, Have fun and stay safe hon...This time next month I will be overseas too but on the other side of the world...lol Later baby...X

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