Day 1: Arrival

Published: March 5th 2013
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Well, we somehow managed to get all of our shit sorted on our final weekend in Oz, and get on the plane with hours to spare. We were driven to the airport by Jo's dad, and it gave us a taste of what to expect with the rides we will get in South America, as the usual 1.5 hr drive was done in under an hour...

Flight left on time, and we can't fault Aerolineas Argentinas. There was no In Flight Entertainment, but that matters sfa when you are exhausted. The food was good, but like all airline food, makes you bloated and gassy. Waking up the next morning and getting up to go for a whiz you are inundated with the sulphuric smell of 300 odd people farting for 8 hours. Not only does it attack your senses, it gets into your clothes, and i would not be suprised if the cabin pressure increased over night as well.

Got through customs fine, but we were finger printed, which was a first for us. Speaking of customs, in Sydney Jo had to go through one of the new full body imaging Xrays. Funnily enough, they were only asking women to go through the Xray...

We had organised a pick up via our hotel, and it was a good thing as the queue for the taxi's was long and unfaceable after our adventures the last week. The driver was good to us as well, only doing 120km/hr instead of the 150km/hr that seemed to be the norm.

We are staying at the Marseilles des Anges for 2 nights, and the room is nice and in a good part of town. Tomorrow we recover, and then off to Bariloche on the 6/3.


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