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November 21st 2011
Published: December 1st 2011
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So it's been a while since I've been consistently posting blogs. I've been a little behind but I just finished posting my most recent big trips and I have a list of things that I still need to blog about. So don't worry...more excitement from life in Buenos Aires is on its way.

This past weekend I went a little crazier than I normal do as far as going out goes. I generally don't like the whole Boliche scene where agressive Argentine men try to grab you or kiss you within the first 5 minutes of meeting you. I'm not saying that all Argentine are like that, just the ones that seem to frequent the boliches (nightclubs) here. But, it was my good friend here Meghan's 23rd we had to celebrate.

Thursday night Susana's family got here so she was out visiting them. I generally don't like to go places late at night by myself, so Meghan and Nicole came over here so we could get ready to go out. We decided that we wanted to meet up with Susana and her sister and Paseo de la Plaza en centro (downtown). However, we got a late start and went on a wild goose chase to find the hostel that the Israeli boys that we met in Patagonia were staying. We got off of the bus too early, and walked forever until we finally made it to the hostel, met up with the boys and were on our way to meet Susana. After getting very lost along the way. We finally found her, and didn't have any time to stay for drinks because we had to get to the club by 2:30 to get in for free. So, we all hopped in cabs to Palermo to go to Lost (remember the hip hop club?). Meghan wasn't sure exactly where it was, so we spent quite a long time wandering around Palermo. We finally found the club and got in at of course 245. But, somehow we finagled our way in without having to pay. It was so fun dancing hip hop all night and it didn't seem like the saw crowd was there that was there last time. We had an amazing time, but Susana and I had to leave early because we were meeting her sister the next morning at her hotel.

The next day, after 2 hours of sleep, we met her sister at the marriott in Plaza San Martin. It was a really nice hotel and I was happy to enjoy some real, free breakfast. Then we headed to the Buenos Aires bus stop to get our tickets. Susana and I were hoping that we could take the bus with them and then get off in Puerto Madero because we had a field trip at Siga la Vaca. Well, we bought our ticket but the line was so long that we just ended up walking to Puerto Madero. The lunch was awesome and all free. We got unlimited meat, salad bar, soda, dessert and coffee. After lunch we headed back to the Buenos Aires Bus stop (BA bus is a giant 2 level yellow bus with stops all around the city. you can buy a ticket and get on and off all day. its a really great way to explore new areas of the city and get to explore without paying for a taxi or worrying about the bus.) While at the bus stop, Susana's family decided that they wanted to go back to their hotel. So susana and I rode the bus around the city and I got some really good pictures. We never got off though because there was such a long line at every stop that we didn't want to get off and wait. It was pretty fun, but for the circumstance we were in I don't think it was worth the 70 pesos. We finally made it back home and I didn't nothing Friday night and Saturday because I was so exhausted.

Saturday night Meghan and Nicole came over again before we went out. I found this thing online where we could pay 80 pesos for all you could drink before hand, transportation to the club, and vip entrance. After waiting forever for a bus that never came, we all hopped in a cab and got off in villa crespo. It was pretty funny when we got there because I realized that it was the same place that we had gone to for the elections party. There was barely anyone there, but we all paid anyway and had a fun time drinking with a bunch of random people. Afterwards we all piled into a school bus to go to the club. It was so funny, like a school bus turned party bus. We got off at Terrazas and danced the night away. It was so much fun and i loved being with all of my best friends that I've met here in BA. We all piled into a cab at the crack of dawn and everyone spend the night at my house.

Sunday we all headed to an American breakfast place that we had all been dying to go to, which was of course closed when we got there. We wandered our way to Plaza Armenia where we found a diner-like breakfast place and everyone ordered the "American Breakfast." We were all so disappointed to see pancakes no more than 2 inches in diameter come out covered in honey. I'm pretty sure the pancakes were made out of palenta. It wasn't terrible, just not the huge breakfast I had been looking forward to. We spent the rest of the day touring around the ferias in Plaza Armenia and Plaza Serrano. It was really fun and one of the best weekends I've had while here in the city!


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