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October 16th 2011
Published: October 17th 2011
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La Bomba Del Tiempo- Last Monday I went to La Bomba Del Tiempo and it was awesome. Every monday people come to watch a drum circle with different guest performers. There were a ton of different kinds of people and some really crazy hippies. I really liked it and we decided to head to a bar afterwards. not too bad for a monday night.

La Milonga- For my culture and civilization class I was happy to have the day off from class for a field trip and a tango club. my roommate came with me and we decided to skip the dance class beforehand so we could eat dinner at home. I thought it would just be watching people dance like the last milonga i went to but it was really cool. There was an orchestra with accordions, a piano, violins, a bass and a singer playing music while tango dancers span around the dance floor. I didn't dance but it was really nice to split a bottle of wine and take in all of the sights. not sure if i personally want to learn to dance tango but i really love the culture, the music and the costumes of all of the dancers.

El ataneo- my program, CEA, took us on an excursion to a bookstore in Recoleta. El Ataneo is located in an old theater with a cafe occupying what used to be the stage. It's a beautiful bookstore and you can take a book to the different balconies and sit in a chair and read. It's the largest bookstore in South America and the 2nd largest in the world. It was an incredible bookstore but when I get there I had a really bad migraine. All i could do was go sit down in a chair and wait for everyone to finish looking around. Afterwards we headed to a restaurant for pizza where i was happy to get some food and soda. I felt a little better and we continued walking around the city. It was really cool to see some of the sites of the city all lit up at night. We went to a plaza that I really want to go back to because they had a museum made up of the largest collection of Beatles memorabilia in the world. We ended the night with some amazing ice cream. I really enjoy the CEA excursions. Besides I might as well go because I paid for it!

midterms- I had my first round of midterms last week in my Gay Buenos Aires Class and my Argentine LIterature class. I didn't study very much for them but I've been keeping up with all of my work so it wasn't too hard. It's refreshing to have school that doesn't really count, not to mention my classes are really easy. I've also really enjoyed my classes because they allow me to absorb the culture and history of Argentina. (i receive the credit but not the grades)

Salvame Maria- I've been twice on thursday nights to a local bar in Belgrano called Salvame Maria because they have half price drinks for girls until 2am. It's really nice to stay in Belgrano and the drinks are really good. I think we've found our hangout spot!

I don't have much more planned for the month except for crossing a few more things around the city off of my list. I think i'm going to the museo de bellas artes tomorrow with susana during our break. I'm also hoping to get some shots of the giant metal flower i see on the bus every. We're going to Iguazu Falls at the end of the month and I can't wait. Additionally, I need to plan my trip to Patagonia because I don't want to leave Argentina without going. I'm really excited to be here and absorb all the South America has to offer. I especially want to practice more spanish and meet more Argentines. til next time...Chau!


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