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September 19th 2011
Published: September 19th 2011
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Friday after the boliche, i met some girls in Palermo to get some food and go to the Japanese Gardens. The weather was kind of crappy so we scrapped the Gardens and went to el museo Evita, which was pretty cool. Argentina is fascinated by Eva Peron, Argentinas first lady from the 50s. i liked going through the museum and learning about her life. i also got to explore palermo a bit which is a beautiful neighborhood. then we went to starbucks ( i know, not very cultural, but the coffee here seriously comes in cups made for dolls and i wanted a real cups of coffee i could sip on). we sat in starbucks playing monopoloy deal and enjoying a break from the business of the city.

after starbucks, i looked up on a map and saw that we were close to the street that we normally take the bus to school. i assumed we could just pick the bus up there but didn{t realize that the bus normally takes a detour on the way back. we must have walked a mile back looking for the stop in the dark in the park before we headed back up to santa fe and took another bus. i was already frustrated and then had to sit in traffic on the bus. we finally made it back only to have thousands of people walking around our quiet little street. apparently there was a ricky martin concert down the street, the reason for all of the traffic. but we stayed in, watched a movie and drank some wine so i calmed down a bit.

the next day we went for a run in the morning and headed to our next cea excursion: El Tigre. it was so cool and i had so much fun. Tigre is a vactaion destination in a river delta not far from the city. its a maze of waterways and houses. there are no cars and the boats are cars. they have floating schoolbuses, colectivos, and grocery stores. the houses were beautiful and we got to take a boat tour of the delta. afterwards we went to a market and i bought my first mate, which im super excited about. saturdaynight i just hung out and pretty much lounged around all day. Today i{m going on a field trip to Beccar (somewhere by Tigre to see Victoria Ocampos house) and Tomorrow i{m going to salta. I{ll post some pictures when i get home. chau!

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