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October 27th 2010
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Day 1

We took off yesterday afternoon at 5:15 headed South (actually, we headed North to DFW first). Had a fairly uneventful flight, although a long one! Flight was smooth until we were above the Andes Mountains. The plane started shaking a little (reminded me at first of Oceanic Flight 815) & then settled down. Based on past stories of survival on a plane crash in the Andes, I was somewhat concerned that Kay & I are both well marbeled & would make tender vittles for any survivors. Things settled down & we landed at 7:24 a.m. this morning, exactly as the pilot had promised. More tomorrow!


28th October 2010

Glad you made it just fine! We look forward to your blogs. Give our best to Trey and Andrew.
29th October 2010

Living Vicariously Thru The Gerfers!
I am thrilled to get to follow your trip to Argentina. I am so sorry that I missed the reunion. Emery spent all last week in Seton Hospital and still isn't doing very well. So we are staying pretty close to home right now. Your blog will be something that I will look forward to seeing in my inbox. Have a wonderful time and stay safe. Go with God...might as well because HE always goes with you!

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