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April 26th 2010
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Near Recollecta, there is a good mix of tourists and locals, but people will only talk to you in English...sad, no practicing here.
The City has really come to life recently for me.
Learning even just a bit of Spanish has opened up huge doors that I am not accustomed to experiencing.
There has been a lot more activity with studying as well: getting up at 8am tends to make the days feel much more fulfilling than waking up at noonish and then not leaving the house until 2:30pm. Mind you the problem with waking up at 8am is you tend to be exhausted because people don't seem to 'shut-off' until 3am, even on a weeknight.

I learned a lot (though little in comparison to what i have to learn) in the week long course.
It is funny how well everyone speaks English hear, but they always claim that they don't. It only takes a few minutes of me trying to speak in Spanish until they decide that if I am not embarrassed with how badly I speak then they shouldn't either (especially since they are mostly better than me). And then when you take what I know in Spanish and what they know in English, you can have pretty good conversations. Whether it was the guy at the pizza store who wanted
More RecollectaMore RecollectaMore Recollecta

Nice Park to relax in with trees and nice views.
to know why Americans didn't have free health care when they were the richest country in the world to some funny experiences at a bar with girls to drinking wine in the park and talking about pseudo-hippies with 'real' hippies, the interaction is getting good!

I have spent a lot more time in Park Centenario listening to music and laying in the sun.
I have been to all the famous barrios now except La Boca, oh well, that will wait for another day.

The pizza, pastries and empanadas here are the best. Unfortunately the fruit selection is pretty bad and really expensive...too bad. It is quite easy to eat unhealthy.

And Mate? Mate is a great way to pass your afternoon, just relaxed conversations sipping on a strong-bitter tea and eating those amazing pastries. The mix of the sweet and bitter is amazing.

Now things get more interesting, I have opted to travel and study for a few weeks in Patagonia. I found a super cheap airplane ticket and bought it even though I had been planning on going to Cordoba (I almost bought my train ticket earlier that same day). The exact places I will
Dog WalkersDog WalkersDog Walkers

I wish the picture had come out better. Another normal sight in Buenos Aires...many dogs attached to a single person
be visiting will have to remain a mystery because I have heard that transport is not the most reliable in the winter where I will go no one knows! I think I am going to be going to Chile almost for certain now, with a probable stop and relax in Mendoza to enjoy the wine, mountains and nice weather after the cold of the south.

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