Sleepy in Buenos Aires

Published: March 9th 2009
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Hostel is 150 metres from oblisque
It is difficult for a country to make a good impression when you take an overnight flight that lasts 4 and a half hours in a really uncomfortable seat; and you land with no sleep and must wait for hostel shuttle to arrive. I was quite grumpty by the time I saw the driver, but relief that I was going to be taken downtown to hostel won over and I greeted him with enthusiasm.
I have to wait until two p.m. before I get a private room, and I decided to seek out an internet cafe with fast computers. I dropped the bags in the luggage room and found bank, restaurant (hamburgers come with no bun but with olives, boiled egg and french fries) and tourist bureau. My hostel is in central Buenos Aires, 150 metres from the oblisque.
I canĀ“t decide if Buenos Aires is a Londony-kind-of-Madrid, or a Madridy-kind-of-London. I think the latter. We are in the Soho section of the city. Phantom of the Opera theatre is next door to the hostel. The pedestrian street is one street away, and it is filled with all kinds of places to get into mischief.
According to the map, I am
Pink BlossomsPink BlossomsPink Blossoms

Cool trees with pink blossoms. Other trees have purple flowers.
walking distance from the ferry to Uruguay. After a good nights sleep I will figure out what to do. This is a great city filled with trees with pink blossoms, huge boulevards with convenient subway underneath, an outside-cafe feel....I could spend some time here but I am hankering for a village on the beach.

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Hostel BusHostel Bus
Hostel Bus

A blessing for today, to be driven from airport to hostel door.
Main BoulevardMain Boulevard
Main Boulevard

Really wide like Madrid, but many trees like Canada (except they are tropical trees)
Pedestrian StreetPedestrian Street
Pedestrian Street

Theatres, restaurants, gaming establishments, shops
Zoom into PinkZoom into Pink
Zoom into Pink

I wonder what kind of tree this is?
Phantom In TownPhantom In Town
Phantom In Town

Hostel is right beside theatre

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