Published: August 9th 2007
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Sometimes I feel like I´m writing to myself on this blog, as I have only one subscriber so far! (you know who you are 😊) Anyway I´m now safely installed in a new and better homestay. The house is a proper apartment, by which i mean furnished nicely including the bedrooms and the woman i´m staying with is a 45+ year old accountant who is very kind and corrects my spanish all the time. Whatsmore she cooked me dinner last night too!

I feel like I haven´t really made too much of my first weekend here. Mainly because the weathers been lousy and also I lost my friend- from-school´s phone number. Seeing as she was expecting me to call her about watching football (La Boca v. Nueva Chicago) on saturday, I ended up traipsing across town to her place by which time it was too late to actually go there (though she´d bought tickets with her other housemates, supposedly for 60 pesos each (in fact the real price was 40 peso) from some shifty character who´d promptly ran off with the money - a lesson to learn there). So the afternoon was spent wandering around fairly aimlessly and the evening spent watching Castaway (tom hanks) in spanish since we´d decided to go to Tigre a town on the Rio del Plata delta north of BA early this morning. Well that turned out to be a bit of letdown... paid our 10 pesos for a delta boat trip. See from the piccies which i will post shortly that it really wasn´t very exciting. And then there was the artisan fair selling all the usual crap.

Friday night was better though as i ended up in a Milonga club (Tango place) for the uninitiated. 5 pesos to enter for the evening including a fairly impressive demo from two experts. Makes me think i should sign up for a lesson or two while i´m here... there was no way i was getting up to embarass myself on the night though...

Right going to buy a nice steak for tonight and do some spanish homework. The week coming is Semana Santa which is a real pain as things will shut down monday, thursday, friday (though our school only shuts friday)... I´ve got front row seats for a show called Tanguera (a whopping 75 pesos - 15 pounds) on at one of the main theatres on Avenida de Mayo. And there is an international film festival coming up which might be worth a pop.

Hey I forgot to mention that i also bumped into someone i met in Rio randomly on the street which was kind of bizarre. It´s a small place South America.

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2nd April 2007

hey Nick
Hey Nick, you can rest assured that I have read all your blogs as soon as they are published. Hey, who is the school friend in BA? and your last blog didn´t quite deal with the details enough? What really happened in your last room? Blue Murder at midnight? Sounds fascinating! Or did you just beat her at chess! Pues, que pases un buen semana santa! y recuerdas a gritar lo más alto posible "viva las maldives britanicas!!" Saludos de Hungria!

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