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World War 2 Museum, Gdansk  

World War 2 Museum, Gdansk

Danzig In The Street

November 26th 2018
The Man in the Middle was back in the crew for this trip. He had a surplus of holiday days to use before the end of 2018, so the motor trade was going to have to survive without him for a short while. He provided the usual practice for the security staff, as they deemed him Public Enemy Number 1. The beanie hat is always worthy of good scrutiny and he was given the full rub down and body massage b ... read more
Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk

Polish Flag Poland is an ancient nation that was conceived near the middle of the 10th century. Its golden age occurred in the 16th century. During the following century, the strengthening of the gentry and internal disorders weakened the nation. In a series of ... ... read more
30th November 2018

WWII Museum, Gdansk
Brilliant I've gotta post this in the Architecture thread in the Photography Form.

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