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Dubai Mall  

Dubai Mall

Go Big or Go Home

November 15th 2018
What would a person do if they were walking in the desert and found a golden coin? Would they keep the new found wealth for themselves or share it with others? Would they purchase extravagant baubles and shiny trinkets to impress less fortunate friends and neighbors? Would they spend lavishly on short-term necessities or might they invest for the future in an attempt to prolong the benefits of t ... read more
21st November 2018

I recognise that photo...
Wait a minute! We have an identical photo in our blog! It is one of those places where when you see the photo op you can't get it wrong. Nice to read your blog. It made me remember how it was in Dubai. Bringing back some great memories. /Ake
25th November 2018

It is a popular photo in a popular mall, for sure! I never would have thought I would be taking photos inside a mall but the Dubai Mall is such a tourist attraction that I guess it deserves at least one. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Ake!

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