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Staff Dinner in the Oak Room Xmas 1975, Lance Naylor Centre Left, Ray Milner Centre Right  

Staff Dinner in the Oak Room Xmas 1975, Lance Naylor Centre Left, Ray Milner Centre Right

Old Swinford Hospital School Staff Photo 1971

October 8th 2018
Chris Crookes, a former student of Old Swinford Hospital (in Stourbridge, West Midlands), the school where I taught before going overseas, has just written to me about my ‘School Nicknames’ blog, most of which is devoted to the weird and wonderful nicknames concocted by the boys of Old Swinford. He has corrected several of my assertions and given me extra information about Old Swinford teacher ... read more
Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District Two

Vietnamese Flag The conquest of Vietnam by France began in 1858 and was completed by 1884. It became part of French Indochina in 1887. Independence was declared after World War II, but the French continued to rule until 1954 when they were defeated by Communist forc... ... read more
19th April 2022

Rose tinted glasses - tinted from the blood splatters of corporal punishment.
OK, perhaps not, but in todays world of headline grabbers. I was there from 76 to 81 (ish) I ended up back at OSH this weekend (Easter 2022) for a wedding reception being held in the great hall, and as one does, head straight for google as soon as work goes quiet. Coming across your pictures first and then the article, it brought back many wonderful and terrifying memories. You did teach me English for at least one year and I have always stated that you got me into the world of Science fiction novels, though whether this is true, I cannot be sure. Interesting to hear your take on other teachers, because when one is 11 year old 'day boy' coming from a working class family, that school and all its teachers and senior students were fairly intimidating, including your goodself who I recall as reading to us, swaying to and fro from one foot to another (not forgetting those side burns). I lived 2 doors down from ‘Pixie’ Price and would babysit his two boys (neither went to OSH) and I am pretty sure he was best drinking buddies with JCB who along with Laurie Benge you don't mention here (though I will read again to be sure after work). In fact Laurie Benge is the one teacher I always wanted to meet again as he was my form master for all 5 years and it's not till afterwards you realise that you'd like the opportunity to thank various people you meet in your life (or tell the opposite sometimes). I have been back to the Old Folyeans meals perhaps half a dozen times over the last 30 years (where have those years gone?), and thus met a few of the old teachers. I understand that Len Krukowski has only just gone into a home, how old he is, one can only marvel given the story he would tell about how it’s a miracle he’s here at all and the line jumping saga of a concentration camp his parents did. I adored Ben Kirton and had I of listened to his warnings about the idiot I was becoming, my life may have taken a different direction earlier than it did. I still recall his stories of being in the RAF and bombing of Peenemunde in WWII (whether true is another matter), shaming me for being seen over the park with a girl who was wearing my school scarf. Pretty sure Haggett knew little about Mathemetics but was in fact a grocer as he would frequently talk about apples and oranges. Too many of the Teachers there were bullies and or tired of teaching, frequently taking out their frustrations on the young vulnerable kids.

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