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Uyuni, day 2!

July 25th 2018
Second day in Bolivia, and we are settling at a slightly lower altitude. Most of the day will be spend from 4000 meters to just above 3500 meters. We were normally due to the visit the Geysers area. But here it is, the geysers are at around 5000 meters, and up there, the snow is still massively packed. It is not like they would send snow machines to clear proper roads to clear, sm ... read more
South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni

Bolivian Flag Bolivia, named after independence fighter Simon BOLIVAR, broke away from Spanish rule in 1825; much of its subsequent history has consisted of a series of nearly 200 coups and counter-coups. Comparatively democratic civilian rule was established in 1... ... read more
7th August 2018

Could this be coral?
We visited a number of areas along the edge of the Salar that were coral formations from the Jurassic Period uplfted by the development of the Andes. Do you recall if these formations included evidence of that? Some formations were clearly fossilised coral forms.
8th August 2018

Could have been...
Our driver was not that talkative, even in Spanish, so it could have been, with the look of it, but honestly, I have no idea!

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