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Day 7 Pamir Highway - Off to Murghab

August 15th 2017
It is 220km from Bulunkul Lake to Murghab, but with the sealed highway it only took us 3.5 hrs with a couple of stops; one at the 'holy' pond of the white fish spring, a freshwater spring pond full of fish, a little hut next to it serves up the fish, but it was too early in the day for us to contemplate eating so we passed. It was strange to be on seal after so many days of rough unsealed road, e ... read more
Asia » Tajikistan » Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province » Murghab

Tajikistani Flag The Tajik people came under Russian rule in the 1860s and 1870s, but Russia's hold on Central Asia weakened following the Revolution of 1917. Bolshevik control of the area was fiercely contested and not fully reestablished until 1925. Tajikistan beca... ... read more
25th April 2018

Murghab Shipping Container Market
Really cool pic. I only saw it at dawn where only 3 dogs and a couple of guys setting up were around. Their way of protecting their goods from the dust storms I saw examples of and the numbing cold of winter.

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