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The caves where  St Hermit Gabriel of Lesnovo lived  

The caves where St Hermit Gabriel of Lesnovo lived

A Taste of the Balkans

December 30th 2017
Fog in Dubai delayed our flight by more than an hour so we didn't land in Skopje till 1pm, after that all ran smoothly we picked up our Skoda and followed our hostess through the city which contained an extraordinary number of statues to a restaurant located in an old monastery in the Matka Canyon. Matka means "womb" in Macedonian, the canyon is located west of central Skopje, and covers roughly 5 ... read more
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Macedonian Flag International recognition of Macedonia's independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 was delayed by Greece's objection to the new state's use of what it considered a Hellenic name and symbols. Greece finally lifted its trade blockade in 1995 and the two cou... ... read more
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