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2016-07-07 13.23.02  

Do Go Chasing Waterfalls....... 2016-07-07 13.23.02

Do Go Chasing Waterfalls.......

July 7th 2016
With the clouds clearing, a picnic packed and the bus dropping us off in a forest we were all looking forward to a day at the lakes. Woolly says – Hmmm lakes equal water, not good with my allergy! I do however like looking at lakes and love the Lake District in Britain with it’s miles of walks and peace and quiet, the two thousand tourists queuing at the ticket desk suggested ... read more
Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb

Croatian Flag The lands that today comprise Croatia were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the close of World War I. In 1918, the Croats, Serbs, and Slovenes formed a kingdom known after 1929 as Yugoslavia. Following World War II, Yugoslavia became a feder... ... read more
10th July 2016

Wonderful Waterfalls!
Fabulous photos of an incredibly beautiful World Heritage Site! However, so sorry there were so many bumptious interluders in your reverie. When I visited, there were very few people, so I lingered for two days. Unbelievably, this serene (in certain seasons) place was where the first shots were fired in the whole Yugoslavian Wars. It sounds as if you were in the midst of the tourist wars at times. So glad you were able to find some moments of respite and serenity!
11th July 2016

We would have stayed longer
Thank you, I was rather proud of the pictures. We would have stayed longer but it just got too much with all the pushing, such a shame.

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