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Hand-made building blocks  

Hand-made building blocks

A day to explore the city of grandeur

July 13th 2016
Arriving in the early morning, we looked out of the fogged up window of our overnight bus. The sun was rising and we could make out the shapes and colours of the city as we entered into its heart. Despite hearing the many things this city had to offer; the churches, theaters, archaeological sites and other things of very little interest to us (such as the 24hr nightlife scene) we decided to limit ... read more
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Peruvian Flag Ancient Peru was the seat of several prominent Andean civilizations, most notably that of the Incas whose empire was captured by the Spanish conquistadors in 1533. Peruvian independence was declared in 1821, and remaining Spanish forces defeated in 1... ... read more
15th July 2016

Adobe bricks!
Oh you Brits, with your stone and wooden buildings, may not know that cities in the New World were often made of mud! Yes, Machu Picchu and the nearby Inca sites are of stone, as are most remaining archaeological sites because adobe (mud) bricks tends to go back to mud after a few centuries. But in dry places like Lima, northern Peru and my California, indigenous people and the Spanish built with adobe because there was no stone or wood. I once helped make these adobe bricks of clay, straw and water, and it's heavy work, but hey, they had lots of workers (willing or not).
19th July 2016

Re: Adobe bricks!
Oh wow. Thats very interesting. We never knew that about the New World. Seemed like gruelling laborious work making thousands of these small things by hand. Seeing the ruins in Peru was very impressive knowing this.

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