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Escano Lines  

Escano Lines

The Escano family used to own one of the largest shipping lines in the Philippines. Now they own nothing, even the letter c have fallen off the sign of their once magnificent empire.
Into the Province

February 11th 2007
Christmas Day in the Philippines. It's hot, humid, and busy. People are running around singing Chritsmas carrolls in every corner of every street in every town of every province in the Philippines. I have never seen such a joyous celebration of Christmas anywhere in the world. In the United States and other Western countries Christmas has been diluted by other factions and interests such that you ... read more
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Philippine Flag The Philippine Islands became a Spanish colony during the 16th century; they were ceded to the US in 1898 following the Spanish-American War. In 1935 the Philippines became a self-governing commonwealth. Manuel QUEZON was elected President and was ta... ... read more
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7th October 2010

Born 1962 MV Ramona ( escano linea)
Im searching this Page to know about Escano Lines , Unfortunately is sad that the Empire Escano family is not existing anymore . Just want to share Private life Experience ... I was born 1962 in the Shift from Maasin to Cebu ...My mother was 9 months pregnant and would like to deliver in Cebu ... accidentally , We were not able to wait , We came me and my Twin brother was born inside the shift ,... My father gave me this Name Ramona in the name of Donya Ramona ,one of the Empire Escano family , My twin Brother was named Manuel , maybe the Husband or Son of Donya Ramona ...( not sure anymore exactly ) 1989 My Sohn was Born in Sto . Thomas University of Manila ,... i gave him the name Manuel , since my twin Brother died right after Birth .... However in 1989 , The Escano family divested its interest in the Business .... If my Parents are still here , i could asked so many questions especilly my Mother who gaves Birth to us inside the BARKO . Thank You for reading my Letter ,just a nice Memory that We will not forget up to the end .. Ramona Aguilar Stutz Zurich , switzerland
13th March 2011

Looking for someone
Who used to work in escano lines. His name is Petacio (Pet) He was an apprentice as nuetical, on a cargo ship Virgin de lapaz. email me any information about him. at
21st November 2011

Hi my name is john gonzaga. I heard alot about the escano shipping lines from my relatives a long time ago. I would like to know if I can have photos of the family. I'm looking for a picture of the one they call "boy" esano. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.
23rd November 2011

sorry, can't help you. don't know the escanos personally.
5th December 2012

on Escano assets
The Escanos still own a good part of VECO (Visayan Electric ) Cebu alsp thru family members married into the Garcia clan and their relatives the Salas,Faelnars etc. They are intermarried with some of the richer families in the Philippines. In Leyte they own or possess almost 2000 hectares. Wealth is a genetic thing and those who are rich for one generation only don't have the genes.
5th December 2012

re escanos
Designer Monique Lhuillier is an Escano on her lola's (Angelita E. Lhuillier) side. Pianist Ingrid Sala Santamaria, whose daughter Crispy married into the Laurels, is also an Escano if I'm not mistaken. Some Velosos in Cebu are also Escanos.

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