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Living it up in Land Locked Liechtenstein 360 degree views

Amazing mountains
Living it up in Land Locked Liechtenstein

March 16th 2016
So, this happens all the time….you’re sitting there having a very nice conversation when somebody interjects “I will be vacationing in Liechtenstein this year!” Okay…..that was a boldface lie. In all reality, unless you’re a fairly well-schooled geography student from Europe or really like to ski, you may not have spent much time thinking about the sixth smallest and one of two doub ... read more
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Liechtenstein Flag The Principality of Liechtenstein was established within the Holy Roman Empire in 1719; it became a sovereign state in 1806. Until the end of World War I, it was closely tied to Austria, but the economic devastation caused by that conflict forced Lie... ... read more
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