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Whoever said Colombia beaches were missable..  

Whoever said Colombia beaches were missable..

...obviously did not travel here.
Ditching a bed for a hammock by the sea

March 23rd 2016
This our 100th blog!!! Thank you everybody for reading and following our adventures. We hope you still enjoy reading them as much as we love sharing them. Some countries more than others are known for having the perfect beaches; for the relaxing, unwinding and admiring the pure beauty of their idyllic setting. The ones that spring to mind include the picture perfect beaches of Mexico, Maldives, S ... read more
South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Parque Nacional Tayrona

Colombian Flag Colombia was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others are Ecuador and Venezuela). A 40-year insurgent campaign to overthrow the Colombian Government escalated during the 1990s, undergirded in part... ... read more
23rd March 2016

100 blogs!
Congratulations on your 100th blog! What a trip you've had over those 100 blogs too... hope you had cake to celebrate your milestone :)
24th March 2016

100 blogs
Haha. We have cake, chocolate and sweets on most days. Maybe we'll have more than 1 portion to mark the occasion!

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