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Prime time  

Prime time

The home of Country and Rock: where the music doesn't stop

January 28th 2016
Our first taste of the south brings us to the city of Nashville. Home of country music, 14 hours of live music everyday and the place where unknowns come to be discovered. The city is teaming with part time entertainers, part time uber drivers all hoping to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Even the people who worked at our hostel were from all over the globe, all hoping to gain a ... read more
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28th January 2016

Neon cowgirls and pigs!
Congrats on checking out Nashville, and wise to get out fast. The beer cycles sounded trippy, but like you, I wouldn't have known any of the music. Mediocre food and $33 each for a hostel--yikes! Too bad about the Greyhound--I've also taken them for distances and had that same terrible experience on the overnight buses. And I agree with you--renting a car is wildly expensive; not to mention the stress for you of driving on the 'wrong' side of the road. Hope you find some fine blues in Memphis!
30th January 2016

Re: Neon cowgirls and pigs!
Thats one thing we had to come to terms with in the US - the cost. It was a lot more for accomodation in most cities, we wanted to be near the heart of it all so had to pay that little bit extra. It was a compromise for not having a car with the cheaper places further out. Driving on the other side of the road however on those huge roads still scared us. A few people we met had said Nashville was their favourite city in the states; we guess that a love for country music definately helps.

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