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Hampi impressions  

Hampi impressions

Ruined in Hampi

December 25th 2015
How lucky we were that we got train tickets to go to Hampi before christmas. This was nearly impossible and I still have to thank this wonderful and patient travel agent in Agonda who booked us the tickets 2 weeks in advance. As it was a day train and only a 7,5 hours trip from Madgaon to Hampi, we did not care about a general class ticket. The journey was great and the landscape especially in the ... read more
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Indian Flag The Indus Valley civilization, one of the oldest in the world, dates back at least 5,000 years. Aryan tribes from the northwest invaded about 1500 B.C.; their merger with the earlier Dravidian inhabitants created the classical Indian culture. Arab in... ... read more
14th January 2016

It can only get better, I hope!
When it's high season, I generally head for the least popular places. How lucky that your agent was able to get you a ticket and three days in Hampi--I had no idea that India had such a high season, but I guess there are a lot of Indians who could fill up a place. So trippy the elephant stables--I never considered their existence. Glad you got to spend just the right amount of time there, and hopefully, in your next, little-heard-of place, it will be more tranquil.
15th January 2016

high season in India
we did not expect this kind of high season in india neither. We expected in in Goa over christmas - that is why we left Goa. But we did not expect that a hindu country has christmas holidays.......

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