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Galbi-Sal Barbecue  

Galbi-Sal Barbecue

Eating My Way Through Seoul

November 10th 2015
I left Denver at 12:10 on a Monday afternoon and landed in Seoul at 8:50 on a Tuesday night. There was no Tuesday for me. Due to my late arrival, I had to find a bus. After asking at the transportation desk and failing twice at the ATM before I succeeded, I managed to jump onto the bus as it was pulling away. Only to have it stop about 10 meters later. I got to the station and was able to hop on s ... read more
Asia » South Korea » Seoul

Korean Flag Korea was an independent kingdom under Chinese suzerainty for most of the past millennium. Following its victory in the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, Japan occupied Korea; five years later it formally annexed the entire peninsula. After World War II, a... ... read more
12th November 2015

Adventurous eater!
I can't believe you ate octopus that was still writhing--you have the palate and stomach of a perfect traveler. Clearly, you were in appropriate company to enjoy all those exotic treats. When you said you were going to the Dog Cafe, I was a bit nervous because, besides eating wiggling beings and stuff spicy enough to clear your sinuses, they are a little famous for eating dog! Come down to Peru--you can drink frog juice! What will Taiwan offer?

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