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Waipio Valley - Valley of the Kings  

Waipio Valley - Valley of the Kings

The BIG Island of Hawai'i Part I: Tropical Forests, Waterfalls, Volcanos, and and Ancient Hawaiian Sanctuary

October 22nd 2015
The Plan We've visited the island of Oahu many times, but never any other Hawaiian island. So last year when I got a call from Hilton Vacations offering six nights at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Kailua-Kona coast of the Big Island for a very low price we decided to take the deal. The resort is situated on the northwestern side of the island. We planned four day trips to see eve ... read more
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25th October 2015

Exotic sites and Macadamias (yum)!
I love The Plan and then What Actually Happened, and well as Linda's adorable hat. Glad to hear that the flights were easy as opposed to your last holiday, and you got booked into such a gorgeous resort! How wise to take the time to see the Big Island's exotic scenery and then have time to relax--a perfect holiday!
26th October 2015

So gorgeous!
I've just been wondering why I haven't put Hawaii on my travel wish list yet. It looks and sounds fabulous.

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