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Zodiac in Nordvestfjord  

Zodiac in Nordvestfjord

Reflections from a Frozen Land

October 1st 2015
It was early winter when we returned to Greenland... Haunting reflections filled the freezing bays and fresh snow was all around. It really was a mystical trip, with mysterious light! The newly formed sea ice crunched and cracked beneath the rubber keel as the outboard chewed its way through the frozen fjord. Carnage from collapsed glaciers littered the surface, weird formations floated on the cr ... read more
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Greenlandic Flag The world's largest island, Greenland is about 81% ice-capped. Vikings reached the island in the 10th century from Iceland; Danish colonization began in the 18th century and Greenland was made an integral part of Denmark in 1953. It joined the Europe... ... read more
14th October 2015

Cutting through glass...light welcoming you...stunning

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