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Atkinson Lighthouse  

Atkinson Lighthouse

In West Vancouver
Over a Far-Away Hill

May 27th 2015
When we left our jobs to travel the world in 2011, we hesitated to refer to what we were doing as retiring. Retiring sounded like something very planned and thought out and perhaps even a little boring. We knew that it would be a challenging task to live non-stop as vagabonds, nomads, transients and maybe in the best of times simply travelers. To start off our journey with the mindset that we woul ... read more
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Canadian Flag A land of vast distances and rich natural resources, Canada became a self-governing dominion in 1867 while retaining ties to the British crown. Economically and technologically the nation has developed in parallel with the US, its neighbor to the sou... ... read more
27th May 2015

A lighthouse, pointing the way home!
I must admit I had a grin on my face as I read your blog. Even before the end, I had the feeling you were describing your ideal place. Perfection upon perfection seemed to mount. Vancouver is indeed lovely, as your photos attest, and there are all the mountains/forests/islands around it to explore. Plus, if you settle in this most-desired place, you could do month-long house exchanges with others from all over the world, and thus continue your travels. How fun--and best wishes deciding!
28th May 2015

Maybe we should add lighthouses to our list of necessities also! We aren't quite done travelling yet. When we were in California we renewed the lease to rent our house for another year, so we have at least one more year left!

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