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Taipei 101  

Taipei 101

Taiwan belongs to China... and so does every other "country" in Asia?

April 2nd 2015
China gets a lot of heat in the news these days. If it's not blinding pollution levels in Beijing, it's the protesting in Hong Kong, or the website filtering throughout the mainland. And then there's of course the whole “these islands are ours, not yours” debacle. Whew! So, on that note, what is in fact part of China and NOT part of China? This short-lived conversation with my coworker will he ... read more
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Chinese/Taiwanese Flag In 1895, military defeat forced China to cede Taiwan to Japan. Taiwan reverted to Chinese control after World War II. Following the Communist victory on the mainland in 1949, 2 million Nationalists fled to Taiwan and established a government using th... ... read more
4th April 2015

What a view, as all near China, unbelievable, nice picture

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