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The Icebergs of the Mechior Islands  

The Icebergs of the Mechior Islands

Iceberg madness at the windswept Melchior Islands
The Adventures of Teddy

March 26th 2015
The Adventures of Teddy. ‘Teddy, Monkey, Bunny and Noodles are four friends who live in a lovely place called Green World. But lately, Evil Cloud has been covering the land, making it difficult to live and play. Teddy, who once journeyed to the South Pole, recalls a magical land called Antarctica. “It is a land of peace” Teddy tells his friends, “it’s cold and beautiful. ... read more
Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands

 Flag Speculation over the existence of a "southern land" was not confirmed until the early 1820s when British and American commercial operators and British and Russian national expeditions began exploring the Antarctic Peninsula region and other areas sou... ... read more
2nd April 2015

Longing to meet you
We hang on every word. Some day we hope to sit down for dinner and a couple of beers and hear a few tales you didn't have time to put in the blogs. What a grand experience.

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